New Clothing Post: Louche Jumper


Another day, another item post and again another jumper post too (wanted to get all my jumper posts done before Spring sets in, otherwise it would be slightly odd seeing images of me in the warm spring breeze sweating my armpits off in a winter sweater.

This particular item comes from the shop JOY which can be found in Brick Lane in London (where I made my purchase). You can also find the shop in many other places such as SOHO, Victoria as well as other cities such as York, Bath and Bristol. JOY store has a range of clothing brands such as HYMN, Louche and Poppy Lux.

My jumper is from the clothing brand Louche and it was love at first site. It was a time when floral prints were very much the range (and had been for over a year) and always one for being late to the party, I had to buy it. It made sense. I love the blue colouring of it and the strong rose print, especially the rose on the front of the jumper. It also fits me perfectly, may even be a little bit tight and I bought a size small which is probably an 8, I had a quick look on JOY’s website and it states that it only does size 8 to 16 which you will find under the sizing guide. However if I’ve learnt anything from shopping is that size means nothing. You can be a size medium in one shop and then an extra small in the other. Never take the size on the label into consideration. These days when buying clothes, especially with trousers, I always take a size 12 and a size 10, unfortunately I’m what they call a pear shape so finding trousers that look flattering is very very difficult. Most of the time, the trousers I buy are usually loose on the front (stomach) but then it would be really tight on the hips. Trousers are the pain of my fashion life. Anyway I went off course, back to the top…

As I was saying the top is a little bit of a squeeze but that could be because Louche do slight awkward sizing. There are many shops that do such as New Look. But do not let awkward sizing put you off buying Louche products. I recommending popping over to Louche’s website right now (link here). They have some really pretty items at the moment. Similar to White Stuff but less yummy mummy and more stylish youth.




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