How to hide the sleepless night look

So I suffer from a severe case of baggy eyes and they can be such a pain!! It’s only been recently have I started feeling self conscious about the appearance of my eyes since my co-workers spotted them. They make me look ill and the fact that I have pale skin does not help either. So in summary; baggy eyes + pasty white pudding face = the living grudge!!

Of course, I’ve tried most cosmetics to try and hide my unsightly bags, from creams to make up but they are so dark it was next to impossible. It doesn’t help that I’m a night bird either. I find that waking up in the morning difficult, it’s the first challenge I face, especially since I have to get up at half 5 to start walking to work by 6:15 to be there by seven (pain in the unmentionables during the season of good will, hopefully conditions will improve during the summer), while at nighttime I come to life; I’ve been in work for 9 hours been to the gym for 2 and writing articles for the rest of the day. So getting to sleep is very difficult and lack of sleep equals dark circles, so I am to blame.

After a lot of searching of the world wide web I was contacted by a company who sent me a link with some natural tips on how to hide the sleepless nights along with skin and make up tips to hide the fact your tired as hell! And I had to share it with you my dear dear readers and followers. So without further ado here is the post and I hope you find it as helpful as I have.

Courtesy of: Alight

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