New Item” Teinclothing


Teinclothing and I have a mutual following on Instagram and I’ve been waiting a while to make my first purchase and on my birthday I decided to treat myself to a Tein Club 33 pink tee from their store and I absolutely love it!! I purchased a medium size to play it safe just in case a small didn’t fit me and as you can see it fits me perfectly. It’ll be perfect for those warm summer days walking around the Bay. In the summer you need t-shirts that’ll keep you cool and feel comfortable on. You don’t really want to sweating like a pig in an uncomfortably tight top do you?

Tein clothing is created between Europe and Asia by Italian artist Martin Dee. The brand gains it’s influence by modern society and it’s obsession with internet pop culture and the overlapping images mixed with Asian psychedelic colours.

Tein Clothing website says “The Collection is the result of Martin’s personal and cultural background: from the NURAVE to the Swag, cyberpunk, the New Yorker ‘Clubkids’ movement… (To know more of the Clubkids’ movement, I suggest you watch the film ‘Party Monster’ starring Seth Green and Macauley Culkin, it’s amazing!!)… of the early 90’s, from the web culture to the symbolic aspects of pop culture, from the KFC and the junk food to the Asian World. Tumblr generation, internet raving hardcore kawaii beats’.

Their new collection titled ‘WICCAN WI-FI’ is inspired by magic and internet and the relationship they have. They’ve created affordable clothing which can be shipped worldwide. The collection includes basket tank dresses, oversized jumpers and all over printed suits which are absolutely amazing!! Full of vivid and vibrant colours, it’ll really make you stand out from the crowd. 

I’m very happy with my little purchase and I hope to make more purchases from the store in the near future! I’m currently keeping my eye on Pastelization total look which is on sale for $80!! You can view it here.

Here’s hoping for future Tein Clothing articles!!

P.S their website also includes a mixies section that includes music!! Definitely check it out!!



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