Outfit Post: Introducing Catrin

Introducing Catrin

So I’ve decided to do something a little bit different with my blog. As much as I love my own style I’m always seeking inspiration from those who are close to me or who I consider close friends, and since this is a Visual Diary style blog I thought it would be interesting for the point of focus to also be on my close friends and their style, not just mine. It also gives me great opportunity to be behind the camera, where I feel most comfortable. Another reason I’m doing this is that my friends (my close ones) will make regular occurrences on this little blog of mine so I may as well make them a big part of it. So expect more fashion and more outfits not just from me but from those around me too! Catrin has already made a guest appearance in my first London article where I celebrated her birthday (which you can view here) but this is her first fashion post (snaps for her)! Catrin’s style has always been tartan items and great thrift shop finds with some high street brands to complete the look.  Catrin has always been a well dressed little madam ever since I can remember. In college when we first met (same chemistry class) she would always wear cute and quirky outfits. Once she went to University her styled changed to much more piercing looks. I remember when she had shaved the sides of her hair. I’m quite envious of her University years, I never went ‘wild’ with my hair and I regret it to this day. Now all I do is crave dip dyed baby pink hair which isn’t allowed in work. Since living in London and meeting her lovely boyfriend Jamie (his introduction coming soon) Catrin has been one happy bunny, and if she’s happy I’m happy.

Catrin is wearing a tartan poncho from Roooi Elegance (Instagram: Roooiofficial). We met the designer behind this beautiful clothing line in London and he’s absolutely lovely!! Roooi is multiple award winning luxury brand designing bridal. cocktail and ready to wear outfits for women and is based solely in London. As you can see from the tartan poncho his clothing is absolutely beautiful and if you like this piece by Roooi then you’re going to be blown away by his dresses. They are breathtakingly beautiful!

Her jeans are from the high street brand New Look, who always offers fantastic jeans. You can view more of New Looks jeans range here. What I really love about her New Look jeans is the shape and style, they really suit her outfit! Catrin has always been spot on in putting her clothes together (as you can see).

Catrin lives in Doc Martens shoes, and who could blame her?! They’re the comfiest shoes around once you break into them. You can view more Doc Martens shoes here.

Rooi Poncho
Outfit Details: Poncho: Rooi Elegance – Shirt: Charity Shop – Jeans: New Look – Sunglasses: Camden – Shoes: Doc Martens



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