My Kawaii Box March Review + Giveaway


Hello there dear readers and welcome to my third instalment of my monthly Kawaii Box!! But tis no ordinary article this time round oh no! This article will also include my first ever giveaway!!! Yes!!! I’m very excited to announce that Kawaii Box and I are doing a giveaway when a lucky reader or Kawaii lover will get a box sent to them for free!! I shall go into more detail later but first, kets see what the box had in store for me this time round!

Universe Pencil Case
In the last box I also received a pencil case, however I gave that one to my boyfriend’s niece since she has started back in school and obviously she needs has to have the most adorable items to show off from cool Aunty Rhian (she doesn’t call me that. I call myself that.) I’ve decided to keep this one though as I’m starting to learn to draw manga in my free time and I require a cool pencil case for my pencils and pens. If I’m honest I much prefer this pencil case than the previous one, it seems more age appropriate to me. I love the colour of it as well, so pretty.


Hello Kitty Eraser
You can’t have a pencil and not have anything to put in it so the Hello Kitty eraser has found a home!! Also it saves me from purchasing my own. It’s adorable isn’t it?! So tiny!! I’ve already taken it for a test drive with the last sketch I created (it was meant to look like Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. Spoiler: it doesn’t look like Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z). I hope there is more Hello Kitty items in future boxes. Wouldn’t mind creating a mini collection.


Apollo Chocolate Charm
I bought a box of these at my recent Comic Con convention (article coming soon) and they are so sweet and delicious and look how cute it is?! It’ll look very nice on my bootcut jeans from River Island!!


Bear Cupcake Pencil
I actually thought this was another pen, which I’ve received in every box so far, not that I’m complaining, let’s be honest you can’t have too many pens. But to my sheer delight, it was a pencil, and what’s more, it’s one of those pencils that when you press the top the more lead is pushed out to be used. How 90s and how nostalgic. Reminds me of my primary school days when everyone had these pencils along with colourful smelly pens which smelt like different fruit. Of course this cute little thing has found it’s way into my new pencil case and my Vegeta drawing (HA) couldn’t draw itself could it.


Nostalgic Sticker Set
These are incredibly cute stickers and unfortunately I have no use for them. I don’t tend to put stickers on my notebooks and writing paper I like them being plain and simple, not busy. I think I tend to not put stickers on anything because my bedroom door was covered when I was younger and we had to get rid of it, my mother was not best pleased that we had to purchase another door and I guess since then I have never put stickers on anything. But I’m pretty sure Navaeh will give them a good home (cool Aunty Rhian strikes again!!).


Sweet Pastel Cube Bracelet
I love it when Kawaii Box sends jewellry. I loved the first piece I had from the January Box so I was thrilled to receive a another and it’s soo summery and vibrant. Pastels are everyone (as they usually would be during Spring Season) so this is the perfect accessory.


Diamond Travel Tag
Now this was a very pleasant surprise. Cute yet practical and a must have for anyone!! Whether you’re travelling by car or by aeroplane and you’re taking a suitcase you should always a tag or your suitcase with your details just in case you lose for some reason! I currently do not have one on my suitcase and with plans on travelling to Amsterdam, Paris, Ibiza and Tokyo in the upcoming year I most definitely need one! Unfortunately my suitcase is lipstick red so they will clash oh well I was in need of a bigger suitcase anyway!!


Green Tea Kit Kat
I’ve always been apprehensive trying Green Tea Kit Kat. I’m not a big fan of green tea myself and I’ve tried many green tea flavoured desserts such as green tea ice cream and I was not that fussed on it. But you don’t know unless you try. One word: Heavenly!! It was absolutely gorgeous!! I recommend this flavour to anyone. In Kit Kat terms I’ve tried white chocolate, chocolate, raspberry and now green tea and green tea is by far my favourite (thus far, as you know Japan is well known for having a variety of different flavours of Kit Kat). I hope this to be a reoccurring thing.


Red Panda Mini Plush
How adorable is this?! I’ll give credit where credit is due, Kawaii Box’s mini plush game is strong!! After the Pink Cake Roll Plushie from the January Box (View here) you wouldn’t think anything could top that little Kawaii gem but here they are, proving me wrong and putting me in my place. The great thing about this is that you can attach it to your phone!! Try not to lose it though!! Apollo Chocolate Charm I’ve tasted these recently since they were selling them in miniature form in Comic Con and they are so sweet. A mixture of sweet strawberry and a nice balance of chocolate. This will look really cute on my phone with my new robot phone case from Blippo. You buy any of these products on and what’s even better is that everything is so cheap AND free worldwide shipping!! Can’t get better than that can you?!


Glitter Lollipop Hair Clip
Even though it’s absolutely adorable. I cannot see myself wearing this, but cool Aunty Rhian has a new gift for a certain little girl! I hope she likes and luckily I have someone to give all the gifts I wouldn’t use to. Navaeh (Dan’s niece, it means Heaven backwards) has long blonde hair so this hair clip will look really pretty on her!! I hope she likes it along with the nostalgic stickers.


Panda Chopsticks
Now these were a very pleasant surprise!! This is thing with the Kawaii Box. You can predict what some of the items are going to be, you know you’re going to have a snack of some kind and something stationary related. You also know you’re going to have a new accessory for your phone but then you have two or three surprises that throw you off guard and these happen to be one of them along with the suitcase tag. They’re so kawaii and I need them for practice when I head to Tokyo for three weeks, maybe I’ll even take them to Tokyo. That’s a good idea!!!


Kracie Nerunerunerune DIY Candy
Now this is interesting!! It’s a kawaii-looking snack that Blippo sells and comes with instructions. As you can see from the images below you have three sachets, a mixing spoon and a plastic holder to put everything in. The instructions are as follows;

1. Pour the silver sachet in first and pour some water in the top corner holder and pour it in.
2. Then add the purple sachet and mix everything together
3. Open the green sachet full of edible gems and enjoy to your heart content. (i have placed visual instructions below)

It smells lovely!! Very fruity but has such a sour taste! Maybe I did wrong however it doesn’t taste bad at all, far from it but it’s not the taste you would expect so be prepared!!




Overall Opinion: I give it a 4/5. I’m not disappointed by the box at all, there was some amazing gems in there!! However there is some reoccurrence with the boxes but with new people applying for it monthly then I completely understand why. It would be awesome to see more jewellry in future boxes too.

Now for the bit you’ve all been waiting for…The Giveaway!!
Please follow the instructions below and once the winner is confirmed I will let people via my Instagram and in order to participate you must follow my Instagram too.

Kawaii Box

Kawaii Box giveaway

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