My Birthday!!

“Penblwydd Hapus I ti,
Penblwydd Hapus I ti,
Penblwydd Hapus I Rhian,
Penblwydd Hapus I ti!!”


On March 7th I celebrated my 24th birthday and all I could think about was feasting on some delicious meals. On my previous birthdays i always went out clubbing or drinking, ending up buying other people drinks all the while crying on the streets of Cardiff clutching tightly to a bag of fish and chips. But this year it different. I’m a lot healthier, I have a better job and I also have Dan and my career (and of course my family and friends). So instead of repeating the same mistakes as last time I decided to binge on food, any food I want, so the girls and I decided to have another fabulous breakfast feast (like we did on Valentine;s). For this breakfast we had decided to stick to the pancakes with raspberries and blueberries as well as the crumpets which are absolutely scrumptious. We also has some pop tarts which none of us had tried before so we were eager to do some taste testing. They are the most glorious bad food I have ever tasted but I’ll be honest one was enough to make me feel guilty. We also bought some pain au chocolat as well as some bananas and yoghurt covered raisins. I also whipped up some scrambled egg and bacon perched on top of a brown roll. Safe to say we were full afterwards.

I decided to leave my big camera at home this time round due to the fact carrying it around with me everyday if giving me some serious backache so I had to make do with my phone camera for lunch. My parents, Dan and I decided on Jamie’s Italian for dinner. My parents and I have been there a few times and they’ve never disappointed, so this was a safe bet. Unfortunately Dan was/has been ill all week so he had to stick to something plain while both my parents devoured some pasta dishes. I on the other hand started my meal with a bowl of bread which also comes with oil for dipping and then for my main meal I had a Turkey Milanese which is stuffed with prosicutto and fontal cheese, topped with free range egg and wild truffle. The image does not give it justice.








The Gifts
The gifts included a range of fun underwear from Topshop. There is a mixture of Disney sketches to kawaii prints to The Simpsons as well as some blue underwear with a Barbie pattern which I find really cute. I also received a  grey and black scarf from House of Hogarth which has a Marilyn Monroe design. Very pretty and I really needed a new scarf too. I also got some socks from Fatface too.
Dan bought me some really cool gifts too. He bought me a new make up bag which I’ve been needing for a while as well as a very pretty spectacle case and some cinnamon mints. He also got me an awesome Harley Quinn poster which will look amazing next to me batman female villains canvas I got from Comicon and he also got me a precious figurine of Goku from Dragon Ball Z in super saiyan mode!! I’ve been into my Dragon Ball Z as of late so this gift did render me speechless. I also got a lovely DVD from Kat. She bought me Mr Nice on DVD which is a film based on the novel about the adventures of drug barron Howard Marks while my parents got me a Rhod Gilbert DVD!!







All in all, a splendid day!!

Link to Topshop
Link to House of hogarth
Link to Forbidden Planet


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