New Item: Topshop Jumper #2


As you can my wardrobe is full of Topshop jumpers. It’s weird when I bought this I was going through a weird Topshop phase. Buying (what I personally thought were over-the-top clothing but these are merely beige fashion in comparison to what I buy now). I’ve always pondered on why I now buy eccentric outfits which are bursting with energy and colour. During my teenage years hanging out on the bandstand with Rachel and Holly I was always donned in black gear. I din’t own a single piece of coloured garment and now it seems I’ve done a 180!! I think the main reason my wardrobe is full of colour is because I’m making up for lost time. When you’re younger you succumb to peer pressure and you feel the need to fit in, even if your peers mocked you for it or disregarded your feelings. During secondary school I kept the real me hidden under a plastic bravado until I befriended Rachel and followed her footsteps. Rachel has always had that secret confidence I was envious of (I hope she doesn’t mind me saying this), she always wore what she wanted and just looked great in everything!! By college I found my close friends who bought out my confidence and it’s also where I met Catrin. My dearest friend. She helped me in becoming myself and i slowly started to wear what I wanted but sticking to what was in fashion but then once University hit and I met some amazing people, some of which I don’t speak to anymore who really bought out the wild side of my wardrobe and after University I just did whatever I wanted. What the 15 year old me wanted to do, I’m doing now. I’m donning fuchsia pink leggings like a goddess and rocking anime apparel like it’s my duty. There are no black clothing in my wardrobe anymore. Work uniform doesn’t count.

Topshop Jumper (please ignore hair).





Link to Topshop


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