London Gifts


During my brief stay in the capital of Britain I went on a spending splurge that would even make the most extreme shopoholic gasp. I swear I have never spent so much money on food, clothes and geek fixes before in my life!! From Primark tops to giant Pocky sweets, you name it I probably bought it!! I went to London with the sole purpose of purchasing a gift or two at Tokyo Toys. I had tried searching for it on my last trip to merry ol’ England but unfortunately couldn’t find it. This time I was prepared and, as it turns out, it was right opposite Piccadilly Circus underground! But enough about that! These ramblings shall be reserved for another article. Let’s see what I bought!!

Samezuka Jacket
I already own the Free Iwatobi Cosplay Jacket which I love and adore immensely however my favourite character in Free! is Sosuke Yamazaki and (if you follow the anime) he swims (it’s a sports anime by the way) for the rival team, and I really fancied the jacket too. I was going to buy it on Ebay but, to my absolute delight, they sold the jacket for £35 in Tokyo Toys!!! I tried it on there and then (size small and it fitted like a glove). I cannot wait to create an outfit with it and write a post. I refer to it now as my summer jacket due to the fact it’ll keep me warm during the summer nights (and eternal summer, eh, get it?). While in Tokyo Toys I also purchased some very kawaii tights which have been made to look like a cat. You can buy similar tights online on sites such as Amazon and Blippo but these were £6, ten times cheaper than the online tights. Tokyo Toys offers a variety of anime apparel and I had to resist buying so many things but I’m planning on going back to London soon and when I do I will head straight to Tokyo Toys, then it’s bye bye money

Samezuka Jacket from Tokyo Toys

Pocky Sweets
I bought so many pocky sweets that I had to eat one or two (or three) packs in London as they couldn’t fit in the suitcase! I bought a mixture of giant strawberry pocky sweets to the normal mini ones that you can buy at your local Asian supermarket. The flavours I bought include matcha, white chocolate, strawberry, chai tea and peach. My favourite flavour had to be the strawberry. The giant ones for some reason tasted a lot better than the regular sized ones, I think it’s because there is more biscuit to it.

Pocky Sweets from Chinatown

Raspberry Kitkats
In Piccadilly there is an Asian Market called ‘Japan Centre’. I always thought it was a restaurant so I never went up there, but this time I thought, “I’m going to go up and get out. Just so I know what it is”. i went up there and lo and behold it’s a lovely supermarket selling Japanese food and treats. They also sell asian magazines which I shall write about later but first, I would like to focus on my kitkats, a special flavour all the way in Japan. As some of you may or may not know, Japan has numerous flavour of Kitkats from normal chocolate to sweet potato and I was lucky enough to have two flavours from the East in front of me; green tea which would’ve cost me £15 or the raspberry which cost me £6. Of course I went for the raspberry and they taste as sweet as they look!

Rasberry KitKats from Japan Centre


Be Boy Magazine
I used to read a lot of yaoi manga when I was a teenager (as well as regular manga mind you), so I let out a small giggle in the store when I saw a ‘Be Boy’ Magazine on the shelf. The feeling of nostalgia I felt when holding this magazine made me smile so much!! I flicked through it quickly and even though it’s all in kanji I could remember some of the characters that were advertised. There was Asami from Viewfinder, some of Sakira’s work among many others. A part of me tried to resist buying it, but the 15 year old in me kept egging me on. I bought it. £13, I cannot read it but my inner 15 year old self is content.

Be-Boy Magazine from Japan Centre


Tom of Finland Book
During my time in Piccadilly my friend Tom and I went to Forbidden Planet to do some comic book shopping as well as have a geek out at all the memorabilia. While flicking through the vast amount of bookshelves one particular hardcopy caught my attention. It was a ‘Tom of Finland’ book specialising on his ‘Kake’ drawings. I studied Tom of Finland during my University days so I was already a massive fan and building a book collection on my favourite artists is something I’ve always wanted to do. I can also easily learn how to draw the male body by using his work as a reference.

Tom of Finland kake Series from Forbidden Planet

Gifts for Dan and Lowrie
I couldn’t go all the way to London without buying Dan a gift and since I know he likes chocolate I decided to treat him to some limited edition M&M’s. I also decided to buy some for my work mentor Lowrie since she has been an angel since I started my new job in January. I also paid the museum a little visit too where I bought Dan a figure of a sphinx cat. O managed to resist the urge of buying an erotic Japanese sketch (applauds for oneself).

Limited Edition M&M’s from M&M’s World



Japanese DVD’s
I have bought way too many asian films recently (I bought six in January and now I have bought another 4!), I seriously need to watch the ones I already have but saying that I know they do not sell some of these in HMV and these were very very cheap. The films I bought include;

  • The Fox Family – it has been described as a mixture of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Happiness of the Katakuris, both of which are cult classics!
  • Crows Zero – this is the seventh film I’ve bought which has been directed by cult director Takashi Miike (Ichi the Killer and Audition). He hasn’t disappointed me yet!
  • Black Butler –  I love the manga so I wanted to see if the film does it any justice
  • Rurouni Kenshin – The main male protagonist looks pretty (seriously, that is the only reason I bought it).
  • _MG_9911

Lazy oafs
I’ve been following the adventures of for a while now and recently she posted a blog post about her own trip to London. In her post she showed off her pizza necklace from Lazy Oafs and I immediately fell in love and knew I needed it myself too. While I was also in the store I also purchased a baby pink tote bag, which is something I’ve needed for a while. it’ll be perfect for summer!!

Bag and necklace from Lazy oafs


Primark Top
It’s that time of year guys!! Spring wear are hitting the stores and I, for one, is very excited for some nice weather, and, unlike last year (I lived in black leggings) I’m going to prepare my wardrobe for the warm days ahead, so I made my fist spring wear purchase!! It’s a pineapple top from Primark and it’s soo pretty and summery!! I can see myself wearing this with some white overalls!!

Top from Primark


And that is what i bought in London. Next time i don’t think I’ll be as spend thrift with my money but I love every gift I bought!!


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