Exploring London


Whenever I find myself in London I tend to venture off by myself, reason being is that I may want to move there one day or take up residency there for a month and therefore I feel I need to understand the underground and locations myself rather than with someone. So during one of my solo adventures I found myself in Chinatown and luckily for me they were celebrating Chinese New Year! There were fire crackers exploding everywhere, asian food served on the streets which smelt absolutely gorgeous. I wish I purchased some but the weather was too cold to eat outside. I tried to find a restaurant to review for you guys but everyone was full. I did however purchase one of the most kawaii looking cakes I have ever seen! 5 layers of sponge cake heaven, each layer separated by a dollop of cream topped off with some gorgeous white icing and marshmallows, yummy!! Each layer was also a different colour too, the first layer (top layer) was a coffee colour while the second layer was green or matcha, the third layer was a peach colour while the fourth was a plain sponge and finally the last layer looked like carrot cake.

Of course there were the usual Chinese New Year Celebrations which I got to witness for a little while, until the rest of the crowd got wind that something was happening and I ended up being crushed and pushed around. Not very friendly at all and I have no problem saying so.

I had to escape Chinatown as the crowd was increasing and made my around Piccadilly visiting any stereotypical tourist shop I could find for an otaku such as myself. This day also marked my first time in Tokyo Toys which was absolute heaven!! I’ve already mentioned my purchases and i’ve already started saving for my next visit (a Mew and a Rin plushie shall be mine!!).

I also paid my first visit to London’s Forbidden Planet and it was spectacular!!! The size of the place was astounding and it’s book section upstairs left me speechless!! I headed straight towards the manga section and was surprised by the array of different types of manga’s they had in store. In most place they tend to stick to the most popular while in London’s Forbidden planet they had everything to suit anyone.

Next time I visit I shall make sure that I have a nice meal in chinatown, just for you my dear readers.




















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