I’m excited to announce that I shall be taking part in the annual Cardiff Carnival which celebrates it’s 25th year!! Not only will I be taking images of this glorious event in the summer but I shall also be designing a costume for myself (squee!!) and taking part in the parade!!

I’m very very excited about this due to the fact I’ve always been on duty in work when the carnival takes place so I’ve never seen the carnival let alone be a part of it. Of course before designing my costume I needed to see what last years costume designs and luckily my friend Nic in London takes part every and told me to go to the Old Library to see the old costumes on exhibition. I’m so glad I did.

The costumes were absolutely breathtaking! Full of colour and creativity, a lot of hard work went into making these costumes. My favourite ones had to be the demon inspired costumes which were climbing the walls of the exhibition room. Absolutely beautiful but a theme that has already been done, so no demon costume for me. Looking around I saw costumes representing fish, lions, the sun and much much more (images below). From this I gained a lot of inspiration for my own costume. Here are my ideas so far;

  • Traditional welsh costume – Nic and I said if we were to do this together we would go in traditional welsh costumes which I think would be amazing, the only problem is I cannot picture how to make it big and lavish…
  • Gyaru –  Now this I can see happening! I would dye my hair baby pink (non-permanent obviously, doubt work would like me strolling in and serving customers in baby pink hair), bright blue eye contacts and an amazing tan! My costume will be insanely pastel and pink, my nails will be massive and kawaii! This is the best and more practical idea so far!
  • Anime tribute – I would love to do a costumes based on some of my favourite animes which include; Free Iwatobi, Himegoto, Tokyo Ghoul, Yu Gi Oh and Dragon Ball Z. All of them are completely different from each other so it might be a bit difficult for my costume to look relatively nice.
  • Yu Gi Oh Abridged Tribute Costume – During my darkest times I can always count on Yu Gi Oh Abridged to cheer me up and what a fitting tribute it would be to make a super special awesome costume dedicated to the show and Martin than an over the top carnival costume!
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged Tribute Costume – I could be a super duper super saiyan for the day and design myself an awesome costume as a tribute to Dragon Ball Z Abridged and Teamfourstar!

As you can see I have a lot of thinking to do for the costume, in the meantime here are some of the costumes from last years carnival!! Enjoy!!





















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