London Article: Catrin’s Birthday #1


On 23rd February I celebrated my best friends birthday all the way in London. None of us liked clubbing so a pub crawl and shopping around London was the way to go. We started the day off with a goof hearty breakfast of poached eggs and cheesy toast while Catrin eagerly opened her gifts. I bought her a vintage crop top from Topshop as well some dessert skittles. Other gifts included a trip to Cyprus from Jamie (nice.) and a Patti Smith vinyl from Nic. Tom hand drew her a card which was adorable. Catrin, Jamie and I worked our way around Camden shortly after our breakfast, stopping every so often so I could take images of Camden streets.

Our first drink stop was ‘Worlds End’, a massive placed at the corner of streets, we sat there for a drink or two before heading to our next destination to meet the rest of the London gang. We didn’t do a lot of looking around, we mostly headed to pubs with Catrin buying herself a gift or two on the way.

The second stop was Hawley Arms (one of Amy Whinehouse’ favourite haunts) where more of Catrin’s friends came to join us, all of whom are in the music business in some form or another. It was pleasant to sit there and listen to them recount tales of Catrin’s London adventures while learning a lot about themselves too. We also struck up some conversation with locals, some of them were former punk band members, tough cockney men and criminals (one of them taught me how to make grenades of different strengths using ping pong balls, quite an intense conversation that I shall not repeat). This was a bizarre situation for me to be in, but normal for the rest of the party. In Cardiff, it would be considered weird just to strike conversation with strangers or it would just create an awkward environment and tension but in London it’s considered a norm. A few drinks later we made our way back to the street.

Whilst walking the streets of Camden I was in awe of all the punk style shops that were around! All the shops are decorated with huge decorations that you cannot miss! Next time I visit I shall do an in-depth article on the shops around Camden. It was unfortunate that the food court of Camden had been shut off, the stalls there sell everything you could think of! Italian, Indian, Chinese cuisine so it was a shame that it was closed, so instead we went to our final destination ‘Dublin House’.

‘Dublin House’ was one of hell of a pub! It had that old rocker vibe to it and held gigs  in the back room (see next article for the gig we saw). Drenched in the colour red ‘Dublin House’ had that retro pub feel, it looked like it hadn’t been renovated since it opened but I’m not surprised since it does have that old pub vibe about it. The rockers and criminals tagged along with us and Catrin’s party was in full swing with more guests arriving including two Italian chefs.

Such a great night had by all. Happy Birthday Catrin! Hope you had a fabulous day!!





















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