Catrin’s Birthday #2: The Quotes

_MG_7152During our session in Dublin Castle we were lucky enough to be part of a gig performed by The Quotes, and it was an awesome performance to say the least. The performance was free and they plan on performing there for a while so please go and check them out!

They’ve recently announced via their facebook that they will be playing the Penn Festival on July 18th. They’ll be joining the likes of Razorlight, The Fratellis, The Hoosiers and Happy Monday. As you can tell, they’ve established themselves very well and are gaining recognition that they deserve. Those who have noticed them include MOJO who described the band as “ plausible a mainstream rock act as I’ve heard lately.” BBC Radio 2 DJ Paul Gambaccini quoted “These guys make an excellent first impression….” and that is no word of a lie, their live performances are electrifying. You can see their passion for performing and music come out as they play. The main singer Jesse has an amazing stage persona and has the crowd in awe every time he belts out a tune. They suffered with a bit of banter from the audience (or heckling, depends how you look at it) but handled it with maturity and poise, also have a joke with the audience themselves.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jesse, Ashby (guitar) and Dan (drums) after the show and they instantly recognised me as the photographer who was taking their images and asked if they could see them, which personally, I thought was very very sweet of them. I’ve photographed many gigs before and never have any previous musicians wanted to look at my work, or thank me for taking the time to photograph them, so this was a nice confidence boost that the band were eager to see my images. Very polite and courteous men who were a pleasure to talk to.

My favourite song from them is definitely Vodka which you can hear on their website. I hope to hear more from the band in the upcoming future and if you enjoyed their music why not give them a quick follow on their Instagram and Twitter.

In terms of the images themselves I’m pretty pleased of the outcome. So far these are my best gig photography images so far.











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