Outfit of the Day: London Edition


So during my stay in London I took a little trip to Shoreditch, the home of thrift and vintage shopping. There’s a store there where you buy a bag for £10 and all you have to do is fill it with as much clothing as you can. It’s where I got this cute little hat I’m wearing in these images. There wasn’t much in that shop for me, most of the faux fur coats were malting and all the clothes felt damp and mouldy, however my friends Catrin and Jamie (who will appear in many articles in the future) bought a ton of items, including a nice suede jacket and a nice shirt. We strolled around a little while, taking in the street art (which is absolutely incredible by the way) and purchased some much needed refreshments for the night ahead.

Night time we took the train outside of Camden to enjoy a thrilling night of music and punk poetry and “Howard Marks and Friends’. A concert celebrating the life of the worlds most famous welsh drug baron Howard Marks who is unfortunately terminally ill. It was more a wake than anything, but it was a glorious night! People of all ages came and danced the night away with performances from Super Furry Animals, Cerys Matthews and John Cooper Clark. Special appearances included Rhys Ifans, who I’ve adored from my teenage years as well as Keith Allen who came out and drank a pint of absinthe!! It’ll be a night I will never forget, especially when Howard Marks came on stage himself (after a welsh choir sang the welsh national anthem) and spoke 20 minutes of life after prison. Whilst he was naming all the countries he successfully worked in during his days as a drug dealer the crowd went wild, stamping their feet clapping to the rhythm of his words. You could feel his energy increasing with every name; Wales, Lebanon, Mexico etc you name it he has done business there.

In-between performances DJ’s were blasting out reggae and house music and the whole place was top form, toasting Mark’s life at any opportunity. Each level at Forum (the venue) was packed to capacity and what I throughly enjoyed was that there were no fights, no heckling and no stupidity (to an extent). Everyone was having a wonderful time. The older generation were reminiscing about the 70s and 80s while the younger members of the audience would listen intently. All the money raised was going towards Mr Marks’ treatment with and all the performers did their bit for free. The highlight for the crowd was when Gruff Rhys performed the classic song ‘Hanging with Howard Marks’. The crowd went wild! Everyone was singing along so gayly. An excellent night! Howard Marks is still a campaigner for the legalisation of marijuana and will be sorely missed by close friends, family and the public including myself. It was an honour to celebrate his life, Howard Marks style!









Links to store

Marks and Spencer: Link here
H&M: Link here
River Island: Link here


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