The Birth of Venus

Unfortunately it’s still bitter cold in the merry ol’ land of Wales so wrapping up warm has been essential on my days off. Nothing beats a warm jumper on a frosty morn and none of them are more warm and snuggly than my Birth of Venus jumper from the online store

This purchase was made on 31st December 2013. The drink was flowing, the atmosphere was wild but positive and I knew no one in my company, so online shopping was my only means of distraction. With my gin and juice in hand I started trolling all my favourite online shops, searching for that piece that would grab my attention, or a piece that could start a conversation. 5-6 online shops later I searched romwe to wear I found it. The Birth of Venus jumper. Safe to say I bought this before Lady Gaga made it cool.

It’s eye-catching to say the least, and the colours are so vivid and bright. I think it’s one of the most eccentric pieces in my wardrobe, well, right behind my pink Marge Simpsons leggings (another post, I promise). I Usually pair this jumper with a pair of denim shorts (pictured) or with a pair of white trousers. The white trousers work better I believe as it makes the blue stand out.







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