Review: Kawaii Box (February Edition)


After receiving my first Kawaii Box I was very excited to find out what the company had in store for me the second time around and believe me, I was not disappointed! I received the box on February 14th so it seemed like a Valentine’s gift from me to me!

Again, my gifts were covered by a cute baby pink wrapping which I obviously used as a background for my images. Now, let’s carry on with the article…


Pen Document Clip
This little clip will come in handy once I put my documents in order. I have a very busy work schedule. Not only do I run this blog I work mon-fri in John Lewis which constantly has papers I need to organise and I also run my own photography website where I sell my images, so this little clip will be perfect.


Kawaii Note Stickers
These will come in very handy when highlighting important events in my notebook (images below). These are a pretty neat idea. What I’ve noticed is that this box is very school orientated. All of these will be perfect for school children.




Ribbon Notebook
Such a pretty notebook! I do not want to soil it with ink. I love the different colours of paper within the notebook, i can use this to my advantage and create separate categories for my day-to-day life eg. the pink can be for work, the yellow pages for blogging and the green for photography.




Crown Polka Dot Pen
I do love the fact that most of these can be combined together. The Notebook and pen work well together. I can use them to keep track of my to do list while the note stickers can highlight the very important activities that I can definitely not forget! The crown polka dot pen is very pretty definitely one of my favourite pieces from this box.


Photo Decoration Seal
These will be prefect for my photography, especially my personal images of friends that I do not out online. Such kawaii designs too. Not only can I use them on my images but also in photobooks. I could create an adorable photo album using these as decoration!




Korean Stationary Set
The stationary set has everything! Sharpener, rubber, ruler three pencils and some stickers. It’s the prefect give for Dan’s niece as she attend primary school.



Panda Squishy
My emoticon from the last month now has a little friend to join him. How cute is this panda squishy?! I tried to have both of them on my phone at once but they got in the way of my camera so they’ll have to take in turn to dangle and look on adorable and cute.




Alpacasso Mini Purse
This Kawaii little purse has found a permanent residence on my work trousers. Look how cute and pink it is!! I was worried it would fall while I was at work but it stayed on for a whole week. Pretty sturdy stiff! What I really love about it is that most people wouldn’t think it was a mini purse so I can put money in there without having to worry about pick pockets.



Ribbon Ankle Socks
Now this was a very pleasant surprise! I did not expect to find a cute pair of socks in my box! They’re so comfy and fit perfectly! These are my new go to gym socks and they’re thick enough for me to hit the cross trainer after hours of being on my feet in work. I love them!



Panda Pocky Biscuit Sticks
I’ve come to the realisation that I shall be receiving a snack treat with every box (not that I’m complaining!) These, just like the crackers in the first box, were delicious, and again, just like the crackers I told myself I would only have one and review but it ended up in me devouring the whole box in 5 seconds flat. Yum!

Favourite Item(s): This is a difficult one to choose due to the fact I was satisfied with all my gifts, but if I had to choose it would be the socks and the crown pen. I didn’t expect clothing in my box so that was a pleasant surprise and what’s even better is that they fit so well! The crown pen is just awesome! Even though I had a pen in my previous box this one was even better, more my style. Also the kawaii pink coin purse was also one of my favourites! It has found a permanent place on my work trousers.

Least Favourite Item: I didn’t particularly dislike any of the items, I really enjoyed all however the ribbon was the least useful for me but perfect for my mother who is an independent cake maker so it didn’t go to waste!

Opinion – Again, just like in January, I absolutely loved it. I can see running themes happening so I know what to expect in my next one but it’s still a surprise nonetheless.

What do I hope to see in the next box: I would be thrilled if the next box has some sort of jewellry again. I loved the necklace from the January box, a pair of earrings to go with it would be fantastic.



Link to Kawaii Box: Kawaiiboxco


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