Sailor Moon haul

Sailor Moon is slowly becoming one of my favourite anime’s out there and if any of you have read my previous wishlist post (I assume or hope you have) then you would have noticed one or two sailor moon purchases I would like to make in the near future, only to add to my already big Sailor Moon haul.


Artemis Blanket

This is probably one of the best buys I made in terms of my Sailor Moon collection. It was a christmas gift form me to me. I needed something to keep me warm during these cold British nights. I purchased this cosy blanket from Shop Jeen (i shall post the link later) and it hasn’t disappointed yet. My favourite features of this blanket is the cute little paws on either side of the hood and the tail at the bottom. It’s super kawaii especially since the hood is way too big for my head.




Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Sailor Moon Underwear

Another shopjeen buy i had to make! Isn’t it lovely?! I’m waiting to lose a tiny bit more weight to try it on and obviously it doesn’t come on here there and everywhere. As you can see below it’s not practical to use as day-to-day underwear. My favourite features include the material around the bra itself, gives it that anime Japanese feel as well as the bow placed behind the bottom half. Absolutely adorable, definitely a must have for all you sailor Soldiers out there.




Chibi Moon Plushie

My first ever plushie (and obviously not my last)! She is the most adorable item in my bedroom at the moment. Of course there is also a a Sailor Moon plushie as well a Black Lady plushie (which will hopefully join my Chibi one day). She is so pretty pink I find myself staring at her sometimes while I attempt to write articles. She also has a little string on the top which means you can hang her anywhere you want too!




Sailor Moon Choker

Unfortunately we’re not allowed to wear chokers in work (BOO!!). So when saturday arrives I place my sailor moon choker around my neck regardless of what I wear. It’s gorgeous and if you really like the look of it then I suggest you head straight over to Shop Jeen right now and purchase the whole Sailor Soldier set! I’ve worn mine so much now it’s stretched slightly so I’m very tempted to buy the whole set myself.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset



Sailor Moon Figurine

And now, the Pièce de résistance… My Sailor Moon Figurine!!! Dan bought my this little beauty for Christmas and I instantly fell in love with it since it’s not only was it a big surprise (I wasn’t expecting it at all) but it is also my fist figurine (the first of many once I get my own place and have the space and the financial security to waste my money on fixing my weeaboo addiction). Unfortunately it hasn’t found a place in my house yet (due to limited space) but it’ll be up and out of it’s packaging in no time. I’m sure of it. This lovely little gift was purchased at Forbidden Planet. It comes with many features including a little Luna as well as different facial expressions which you can change!





Links to Store
Shop Jeen: Link here
Forbidden Planet: Link here


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