New Item” Palm Trees Crop Top


Shoreditch, London is a great place to find that one off item that you know no one else will have. On my last trip to London my main focus was thrift shopping. Why you ask? Well, first of all even though Cardiff is improving with renting spaces to pop-up shops, it’s no where near catching up with London. So as Catrin and I were strolling around we found an old building refurbished into a shop. Nothing was really catching my eye whilst I was looking around until I looked up and found this beautiful palm trees crop top for £22.

I didn’t buy it straight away though. I decided ti be smart and have a look around the other shops to see if I fancy anything else. Much to my delight there was absolutely nothing. So back we head to the shop and as the minutes passed by it was mine. All mine. And the best thing is that no one else has this particular one either. There were many other colours to choose from. There was one that had a black/purple tinge to it and looked beautiful but I’m a sucker for green clothing and it needed a place in my wardrobe.

I bought this item purely for nightclubbing. I was a regular at this 90s R’n’B night in Cardiff called ‘Bump and Grind’ and this was absolutely perfect, especially teamed with some leather shorts, but alas I quit drinking and I quit the clubbing scene and since the weather in Britain is so cold this little number can only come out during the summer season.


As you can see for this shoot i’ve teamed it up with a pair of plain black leggings. Reason being I don’t want the focus to drift away from the top in the images.



It’s such a pretty shade of green and works well with the buttons too.




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