Japanese Sweet Treat Review


Once in a while I let my sweet tooth indulge in some Japanese sweets which are always kawaii, sweet and satisfying. On my last trip I decided to buy a few so I can review them for you. Some I’ve tasted before and others I decided to bite the bullet and give them a quick taste tester. So enough babble, let’s crack on….

Petit Blueberry Biscuit Sticks
The first sweet snack I tasted were the blueberry flavoured biscuit sticks. Just like the Pocky Sticks it’s covered with flavoured cream.
I tend to stick to the usual which are the Vanilla panda biscuits so expanding my horizons and introducing my taste buds to something new was on the cards.
What did you expect? Nothing much. Personally I thought they would taste foul. Appearance-wise they didn’t look very appetising. On the box cover they’ve made the biscuits look a lot nicer than they do.
Reality: I was pleasantly surprised by how nice they are. They are really tasty. Not too sweet but has a nice flavour. Even those with a strong savoury tooth would like these.

Overall Mark: 8/10
Would you buy again? Yes




Strawberry Pocky Sweets
I’ve had these before (I’m pretty sure most of us Otaku Weeaboo trash have encountered these little beauties on our travels and explorations). Covered in strawberry cream you might have seen these delicious little sticks in animated form on Japanese animation (or in other words ‘anime’). In terms of Pocky sweets, the strawberry ones are my favourite in terms of taste and they’re visually cute, so taking images of them are a blast, especially on white surfaces which unfortunately I do not have.

Overall Mark: 10/10
Would you buy again? Of course!!




Chocolate Covered Panda Sticks
Now I’ve had these before and I thought I liked them, however this time, they were way too sweet. Too much vanilla. I was very disappointed in these. They look absolutely scrumptious and very cute but taste wise it was underwhelming.

Overall Mark: 3/10
Would you buy again: Sadly, no




French Cookies
I’ve never had these before so I was looking forward to trying them out. From the package I thought they would be strawberry flavoured but to my surprise they were actually Taro flavour. I was disappointed at their size, very thin and fragile but the taste made up for it. Oh my goodness I’ve never tasted anything nicer! The centre fulfilled my sweet tooth while the biscuit made my savoury taste buds feel part of this taste testing. Absolutely glorious!

Overall Mark: 10/10
Would I buy again? Definitely!! 100 times yes!!




I-Mei Chewy
I’ve been looking forward to writing this review just so I can tell you about these I-Mei Chewy. Now, from appearance they look like strawberry flavoured sweets, which is what I initially thought they were. After purchase, I looked at the back to see that they were meant to taste of caramel and red bean, an interesting concoction but it sounded tasty nonetheless. I tried one. They are very hard sweets so after you read this review and you want try some yourself bare in mind that these might look like soft sweets but they are most certainly not. The taste was perplexing – not sweet (far from it) but very VERY familiar. I sat there, perplexed because I was 100% sure I’ve experienced this taste before. After a good minute of chewing it dawned on me. These sweets taste exactly like corn flakes, and if I’m honest once I worked it out they tasted ten times better.

Overall Mark: 7/10 (points deducted because they’re very hard sweets.
Would you buy again? Yes, these were a pleasant surprise.





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