New Items: Nike Products


After a while my gym kit can feel slightly disgusting from over wearing and use so I tend to replenish my sports gear with new ones every so often (and because the clothes get way too big!). So I decided to treat myself to some smart Nike gear. Usually I just stick to a plain old black design but this time I decided to add some colour and these red ones were perfect! The feel pretty snug but hopefully they’ll loosen in time. I tend to buy three quarters too as I find myself getting to hot and sweaty in long gym trousers but these beauties go beyond the knee but they look smarter.

Top wise I tend to wear a sports bra and there were none in the colour red at my local Nike store so I opted for the black design which matches my trousers nicely. All I need now is a vest to go with it. I’ve owned the trainers for a few months now and I’ve had my wear out of them so I hope in a week or so to find a new pair, one that has a bit of colour so I can go outfit shopping again.

These trousers are perfect because they are slack enough that I do not to feel self conscious when stretching before my rigorous cardio training. Once I bought a pair that were way too small and I kept having this awful feeling the might rip if I performed my squats of deadlifts in them, after this feeling I made sure that anything I buy bottom wise for gym use has to be practical and perfect for the training.


One day I might write an article on my gym routine which obviously varies each day. I’m usually on my feet in work except for that hour and a half of break so sometimes I cannot complete all my tasks due to fatigue or aching feet. Hopefully this won’t be an ongoing problem.





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