Memory Lane: Trip to London Day 1


My Friend Catrin’s birthday is a week or two away and fortunately I’ve managed to get the week off to celebrate it with her all the way in merry ol’ London and since I’m soo excited for this mini holiday I want to recap on my London stay from last summer. I wrote this post on my previous blog ‘fashionphotoandfilm’ however I wanted to share it here too.

So here goes…

Location: Fashionphotoandfilm
Time and Date: 10/9/2014
Destination: London
Day 1

“Officially on my way to London. No one can be more excited as I am. I’m leaving at just the right time since the NATO Summit’s luncheon is taking place in Cardiff and there are police everywhere. Work is also introducing a new lunch menu too which will not be popular. Anywhoo, I shall write these articles as a form of a diary extract to make it slightly more interesting to you my lovely readers.

09:21 – On the Megabus and leaving the centre. It’s peaceful and tranquil on the bus, everyone is plugged in. Only problem is I’m already desperate for the toilet ( I hope we have a break in-between).



For at least an hour I’m dozing in and out of consciousness on the bus, probably missing some beautiful views of England such as old country villages.


The above is how I imagine London to be. The views that pass are beautiful, certainly the most gorgeous views, unfortunately the driver is too quick for me to snap anything significant, just one or two imagery. This is the London I know, the London I’m aware of, the London I’m used to. My friend lives on the outskirts of London so this trip shall be a different experience of London all together, I’m getting too excited to see her.

13:05 – I just passed Harrods. I’ve only been in once and that was with the Girl Guides. I will have to go in there at some point again, if I can’t this time there is always next time.


Officially on the tube with my friend and her partner, on our way to my home for the next three nights. We have to change halfway and get on another train but luckily it’s not rush hour. Really need to get used to the metro if I’m to survive London living.



After we reach out destination and we finally get settled. After a quick catch up we decide to head to Camden for some shopping and food. I’ve never been Camden before so I’m quite excited.

We arrive after a 15 minute train journey and I’m blown away by Camden already. So many punk shops! So many unique shops! And everything is so cheap!



There is a part of Camden that is just food stalls, far as the eye can see; falafel stands, noodle stands, burger, pizza, Indian you name it they have it. I opted for the noodle.



Did I make a purchase while in Camden? Whyyyy yes I did. But that will be for another article. My friend and her other half bought their first house purchase as a couple too, look how excited and happy they are. 


There is one shop you definitely have to visit when in Camden and that is Cyberdog. It’s one big massive rave in there, I’m not saying much more but trust me, you will not be disappointed by it however no pictures inside, I learnt that the hard way and security will be quite rude about it too, even when you apologise profusely.


All in all today has been a great day, didn’t make many purchases but oh well  tomorrow for some vintage gaff! And maybe (hopefully Chinatown).”

I hope you enjoyed my article on my trip to London I shall release the other two articles as well.

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