Memory Lane: Final day in London

This is the third and final article on my summer trip to London.


‘Today is my last day in this beautiful city and I decided to attempt the underground by myself for the first time. Destination: The Tate. This is a slightly daunting mission as I’m still not 100% at ease with the London Underground and only vaguely know where everything is let alone understand The Tube completely but I’m doing it regardless. As long as I get off at South Kensington I’ll be fine.




I’ve been suffering with the worst art block lately so I’m hoping to get some inspiration while I’m here. Whilst I brush past the Victoria and Albert Museum my curiosity gets the better of me and I take a peek inside. It turns out they have a fashion exhibition on the history of wedding dresses. How could I not go in?!



The exhibition has Dita Von Teese’s wedding dress designed by Vivian Westwood. I’m a big fan of Miss Von Teese and I adore her style so you can imagine how in awe I was of her purple gown.

At 11:15 I decide to take a little break. Sitting on the white bench staring at these beautiful exquisite dresses designed by the likes of Vera Wang,  John Galliano and many others. Wedding  dresses of the Duchess of Cornwall, Gwen Stefani and Kate Moss are all on show with a brief history of marriage and the wedding business and how far it’s come traditionally (with more couples deciding to marry in their early thirties and cement their careers in order to have a more lavish wedding) and economically (how same sex marriages opened many doors for designers). I can’t seem to take my eyes off a Ian Stuart Couture piece. I’m mesmerised by it, so detailed and delicate looking.

The ticket price for this exhibition is £13.50 and I personally think it’s worth it, especially if you’re into fashion.

Here is the link to their website: 

Has the exhibition inspired me? I guess not since designing has never really appealed to me. However I can’t help but notice a young student walking and sketching some designs of her own. Obviously taking notes for reseaerch, she’s sketching the dresses and it’s inspired me to return and have a sketching session of my own so I can improve on my artistic skills and expand beyond photography.

In the middle of the museum there is a huge courtyard with cafés, a mini pool (no, seriously) and swarms of artists, art lovers and tourists taking a time out to process the tranquility that one finds in the Victoria and Albert Museum.






I also quickly visited the National History Museum too but then I receive a call from Catrin and I’m on my way back to the Underground. I’m meeting her in Liverpool Street to do some more vintage shopping. Destination for this little vintage spree: Brick Lane and Shoreditch. I wasn’t as lucky this time and manage to get on the wrong train. Luckily the train I need is behind the one I’m on so I get off the next platform and climb on board the right train and I eventually reach my destination.


Just like day 2, we decide to do some vintage shopping, I was looking forward to Oxford Street but thinking about it,  Oxford Street has the same shops as Cardiff. The usual high street brands. If I fancy something from Topshop, I can just buy something from here. In terms of vintage shopping, all

Cardiff has to offer is Hobos, so I’m going to make the most of these bargain buys!













I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my visit to London town. Hopefully I’ll visit again soon’

I cannot wait to return!


instagram: rhidixonblog


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