Valentine’s Meal: Clive Arts Cafe

On Sunday, during our Valentine trip to Bath (see yesterday’s post) Dan and I decided to treat ourselves to some Bath cuisine but nothing too heavy (we had ordered a massive chinese the previous night and our stomachs were suffering) so we trekked around Bath to find the perfect place and we stumbled upon a little cafe hidden from the public named ‘Clive Arts Cafe’.




Their front table was covered in mouth watering homemade cakes while their  seemed to specialise in flatbread which made a change from the usual meal you get in cafes and restaurants. They also offer 4 options of salad as well as soup. The place itself is quaint, from what I could gather they hold many music gigs at night time as well as art exhibitions. Day time though they seem to cater to anybody so families were enjoying themselves. Their staff were very friendly and welcoming even though they had trouble understanding my accent.





Main Meal
For our main course I ordered ‘The Welsh’ flatbread which mostly contained leeks and goats cheese dripping in sweet chilli sauce while Dan had the ‘Simple Italian’ which was cheesy mozzarella, tomato and pesto. One thing I realised about the menu is that it’s catered mostly for vegetarians. Hardly any meat options available.

Opinion: Personally I believe Dan’s meal is one of those meal that was obviously going to be nice, a meal that you might refer to as ‘the safe option’ while I decided to branch out my taste buds. And I’m glad I did. The sweet chilli sauce really toned down the leek flavour without overpowering it. There was way too much leek though. After we left I had to find the nearest corner shop and purchase some gum. The goats cheese was a lovely touch. It was probably the healthiest meal I’ve had all weekend.  We also purchased tea with our meals. Dan has a normal breakfast tea while I went for the fruit fusion flavour. Refreshing to say the least.





Dan and I decided to share a dessert since our main meal made us feel very content. It was filling but left enough room for us to indulge our sweet tooth. We opted for the chocolate cake which was beautiful. Not too heavy and so fluffy too. It reminded me of the chocolate we use to have in primary school. I fell instantly in love with this cake.




Would I return?
Definitely!! I really want to try more of their cakes as well as the soup. Highly recommended.

Link to Cafe opening times: Chapel Arts


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