Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you all had a glorious Valentine’s Day! I can safely say I was thoroughly spoilt this weekend with gifts, food and some good company. Dan and I were celebrating our first Valentine’s together so we decided to spread it and make it a Valentine weekend which meant I could spend Valentine Day with loving friends (as well as Dan) and Sunday 15th with Dan alone. So here is how I spent my Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Breakfast
Valentine morning my housemate and I decided to indulge ourselves in a big Valentine breakfast. We bought some orange juice and croissants, as well as crumpets and pancakes covered in sliced banana and blueberries. We also enjoyed some digestives and a bowl of fruit salad. Such a delicious breakfast and so filling. Katrin invited two of her friends round so the atmosphere was merry. We’ve decided to a breakfast like this every month now.














Valentine Gifts
What – Valentine Sweet Cup
Where from – John Lewis
For – Katrin
Dan and I decided to buy Katrin a little gift for Valentine’s Day and fortunately she loved it. A simple little gift but nice nonetheless.



What – Heart-shaped Jelly Beans
Where from – Marks and Spencers
For – Dan
Sweets and chocolates are one of those stereotypical gifts you send on Valentine (along with the roses). Marks and Spencers really upped their game sweet-wise and I thought these jelly beans were adorable! They come in two colours: pink and white and are very tasty.

What – Hook, Line and Sinker Sweets
Where from – Marks and Spencers
For – Dan
How adorably cheesy are these?! As soon as I saw them I bought them straight away. You have to buy that one silly gift for this romantic holiday and this was it. There are three different types of sweets in this pack. One shaped like bait, the other a rod and the last one a fish.




What – Hip Flask that won’t fall over
Where from – Menkind
For – Dan
Dan enjoy hiking up Brecon way in Wales and I knew that he wanted a hip flask but I couldn’t get him some ordinary hip flask so I found this beauty in Menkind that you cannot push down! Regardless of surface!!


What – Blue tie-dye Orchid
Where from – Tesco
For – me from Dan
I’ve been wanting this blue orchid for such a long time! Every time I pass Tesco to go to the gym I always linger by the Tesco window just to have a look because they’re so pretty. You can imagine my delight when Dan presented me with this lovely plant.



What – Hotel Chocolat Dipping Section
Where from – Hotel Chocolat
For: Both of us
I bought this for us Christmas time as part of Dan’s food hamper and we enjoyed it so much that we decided to have it again for Valentine’s day. It comes with a white chocolate and normal chocolate dip as well as 4 dipping options; marshmallows, hazelnut chocolate balls, chocolate chip biscuits and plain biscuit sticks. The dipping options don’t really cover the dip itself so we also added some digestives into the mix. Yum!


What – Bento Boxes
Where from – Paperchase
For – Me from Dan
I love my bento boxes. I meal prep for work every day so I do require bento boxes but Dan did take the time to think which one I would like. He chose lime green and pink coloured boxes since pink is one of my favourite colours and lime green matches my toaster. He chose a floral design because I’m a professional floral photographer. It’s the thought that went behind it that impresses me.



What – Vulpix Plushie
Where from – EBay
For – me from Dan
This was the biggest surprise from the weekend! He remembered a conversation from 2 months ago when we were discussing Pokemon and I said my favourite was Ninetales and I had a quick look at the plushie which unfortunately does not look nice. At all. So we had a look at Vulpix and I commented on how adorable he is. 2 months later I forgotten about the conversation, but Dan didn’t. I’ve never been so speechless after receiving a gift. I still haven’t taking it out of it’s wrapping because the presentation is so nice.



What – Homemade Carrot Cake
Where from – My mother’s Kitchen
For – me from mam
My mother is the best baker this side of Wales. She has her own small independent business and it’s growing so fast with no social media help, just from word of mouth! Her carrot cake was absolutely delicious especially the vanilla cream cheese on the top. She also made the carrots herself.




Valentine Trip
On Sunday Dan and I went on a trip to Bath as part of our Valentine Weekend. We would have had tea and cakes in the Pump Room but the queue was unfortunately too long but it wasn’t long until we found a little cafe hidden from the public (check tomorrow’s post for more details).

We spent most of the time walking hand in hand and enjoying the sites. From Bath’s beautiful park to the impressive cathedral we saw it all, and luckily everything is in one area so we didn’t have to wander far.

Some of the shops in Bath include Octopus, which is home of the most eccentric home ware you will ever find and December 25th which is a Christmas shop open all year round!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Valentine. It was perfect from Saturday morning to Sunday night.









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