Crepe Affaire


My sweet tooth has been in overdrive lately since I cut out crabs from my diet (this year I have decided to cut out fizzy drinks, potato and white bread) so satisfying my sugar cravings is a must on some days. Luckily there are many places in cardiff that focus on confectionary items and the little cafe Crepe Affaire is no exception.

Situated right underneath the popular restaurant ‘The Cozy Club’, the Crepe Affaire is proving very popular with the welsh locals, All the food is made fresh in front of you and there is an array of options available. I chose the banana and butterscotch pancake with chocolate ice cream on the side. One word: heavenly. it was absolutely perfect. The ice cream went perfect well with the butterscotch sauce (it was either that or nutella) and the pancake was done perfectly. I love my bananas so it was the best filling. My company decided on other options. One chose the strawberry and cream pancake with white chocolate and vanilla ice cream which looked delicious. It reminded me of the kawaii food you would see in anime while my other companion opted for the waffle and butterscotch sauce, which you would agree is another excellent choice. You tend to get waffles with banana and butterscotch sauce with ice cream in most restaurant so having something different was needed. The lighting wasn’t the best in the cafe but I’m happy with how the images turned out. I hope you enjoy them too.














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