Mini American Apparel Haul


So far this year I’ve received many American Apparel gifts which is slowly developing into a mini haul (a mini winter haul to be exact). From Christmas jumpers to nail varnish I believe my winter essentials for this year have been covered by this lovely little brand. So lets get to it.

Green Jumper
I received this jumper christmas time and fell in love with instantly! My mother clearly had a theme going clothes as every item she bought me was dark green and sparkly. Just like the Topshop Croptop my jumper can only come out during the christmas period. It’s a tight fitting jumper too so it keeps me nice and warm during these cold British weather. I also received a pair of green leggings due to the fact that my old pair and hanging off me, but they’ll get their own post soon (once I find a nice pair of shoes for my outfit).




Improving my sock and underwear collection are the must-do for 2015, so it’s nice to start the day off with some awesome looking American Apparel socks. I love the design on these socks, simple yet edgy. I have found an awesome coat from Topshop that’ll suit these socks well. They have proven very popular on my Instagram too.



Fingerless gloves
Even though the weather might be too chilly for fingerless gloves I couldn’t resist these when I saw them in the store. Their black with a hint of red, yellow and other primary colours. What I really like about these gloves is that they could go with anything because the colours are so dark and you can barely see them. I think it helps that black is their main colour though.



Purple Nail Varnish
Just like any girl out there, I have wasted money on some cheap and useless nail varnish in my time so I was a bit apprehensive in purchasing any sort of cosmetics, however since my new job allows me to wear nail varnish (my previous job was in catering, so nail varnish was not allowed) I decided to treat myself. The nail varnish in American Apparel are really good quality! they stayed on for such a long and slowly chipped away. I think it was by the second week of wearing it that I noticed chipping while the previous nail varnish I wore started chipping the day after. I’m definitely going to purchase more nail varnish from this store! It’s a nice shade of purple aswell which is perfect for my job.



Hopefully in due time I can make another haul post. I do have another one coming soon and hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as you enjoyed this mini post.

Link: American Apparel



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