Review: Kawaii Box, January Edition.


At the beginning of the year I decided to take the plunge and join my first subscription box website. After searching long and hard I found the perfect one for me: Kawaiiboxco! It costs me £13.00 (it less than that but I’ve rounded it up to the nearest pound). You get a monthly box and as a plus if you tag your Instagram posts #kawaiibox (Of course it needs be an image of the products and the box, not that I believe that you readers are stupid but, just in case) you will automatically be put in a competition to win a mega box worth $100!! Not bad eh?! Now let’s get on with it!!

There were 11 super kawaii items in the January box all them adorable in their own little way. We had;

  • Stickers – The first products I saw was some cute little monster sticker all of which have a 3D affect. I thought they were the only stickers and then to my surprise they had even smaller, just as adorable stickers behind them!! Double whammy. I’m not much of a sticker person so I guess you could say that these were slightly wasted on me, but I won’t waste them. I have tonnes of naked notebooks that need be decorated!



  • BK Nail Polish – I also received a very cute turquoise BK Nail Varnish which has a found a resting spot next to my American Apparel polish. It’s small and fits perfectly in my next item.



  • Polka Dot Clasp Purse – Turquoise and pink were definitely the colour theme of my box. When I started following the Instagram hashtag I noticed that everyone had a different colour which personally I think is great. It means your box is unique to someone else’s, so it shows the thought that went into this box they created for me personally. The Polka Dot clasp Purse is perfect since I’m always carrying loose change.



  • Rilakkum Rice Crackers – I decided before I opened the first packet that I would only taste one so I could tell you what they tasted of. 5 minutes later the second packet had been demolished. They. Were. Delicious!! I’ve only ever tasted sweet Japanese snacks so something savoury made a change. I hope they appear in a future box!



  • Pink Roll Cake Plushie – This was one of the most adorable gifts from the box, a very kawaii Pink Roll Plushie. It also has a very cute little strawberry on the side of his face. It also has a chain on it too so I’m going to try and get it on my house keys. I will never lose them now.



  • Emoticon Squishy – This is such a simple yet adorable gift. It’s already found a nice little spot on the side of my phone. My co-workers think it’s the cutest thing ever! Look at it’s face (below), how could you that?!



  • Pastel Shell Bracelet – At the beginning of the year I told myself I would start wearing more accessories to perfect my outfits and this pastel shell bracelet is perfect. It’s a nice little starter necklace to get myself into the habit of wearing accessories. The shells resemble the earrings my mermaid Barbie use to wear so they give me the nostalgia feeling.



  • Ribbon Eyeglass Frames – My housemate completely fell in love with these. Not only do they have a cute little ribbon on the side but they also have whiskers!! They are and look adorable.




  • Korean Character Pen – You can never have too many pens so this was a nice little gift. I’m always running out of pens or I can’t find them so this was desperately needed.


  • Vintage Stamp Set – The stamp has the image of a little bird tweeting with the words ‘sing a song’. Very sweet and the ink is a green colour ( I have no idea if the colour differers with each receiver but mine was green.



  • Dessert Mirror Charm –  This mirror charm looks good enough to eat! So dinky, it’ll fit quite nicely in my coin purse. I had to do a coin toss on which charm will go on the side of my phone; the dessert mirror or the emoticon. As you can see below the emoticon one.



My favourite gift: It’s between the plushie and the emoticon. They were both so adorable and cute. It’s exactly what I expected from the box. While the emoticon has a found it’s haven next to my mobile, the cute little plushie has found it’s place on my bookshelf.
My least favourite gift: I do not dislike anything from this box but I have no use for the stamp set. I’ve never been a stamp person so I have no interest in it, as horrible as that sounds.

Overall: 5/5
This box is definitely worth the money, especially since individually these items cost more. I cannot wait for my next box!! I hope the box are not that repetitive. I’m going to stick with it a good 5 months and see what happens then. Stay Kawaii!



Instagram: rhidixonblog


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