New Item: Ted Baker


Every time I passed the Ted Baker section in work I would always find myself staring lovingly at their clothes. Edgy, bold and stylish who doesn’t love a good Ted Baker product. During one of my many trips back and forth from Espresso Cafe to the Restaurant I would find myself having a quick peak at what was in store and this jacket caught my attention straight away. If I’m being perfectly honest I thought it had a jellyfish pattern on it, however once I got closer it was covered in diamonds and jewels! So beautiful.

So you could imagine my sheer delight when it was finally reduced in the sale! Saved £50 on it! Absolute bargain!

What I absolutely love about the jacket is the material. I have three jackets now that are made of the same polyester material and I adore all three. I don’t know what it is about this polyester material, it makes clothes look slightly more ‘street smart’, as corny as that sounds.

I paired the jacket with some denim leggings by New Look (the best place to buy some good quality leggings for a reasonable price), crop top from Topshop and my shoes are from Debenhams. I would never pair this jacket with a busy looking t-shirt, due to the fact I do not want attention to be taken away from the jacket itself, however I would pair it with smarter looking bottoms and shoes (maybe a pair of trousers that fit would look slightly better).

If this particular item doesn’t take your fancy they have many other items with the same pattern such as dresses and tops. John Lewis currently have a sale for Ted Baker so best to buy now before it’s too late.

Shop links

Ted Baker: Link Here
John Lewis: Link Here
Topshop: Link Here
New Look: Link Here
Debenhams: Link Here










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