English Breakfast


Nothing beats a good English Breakfast on cheat day and luckily I’m spoilt for choice down the Bay area. Every restaurant offers the famous morning dish. For the purpose of this post I decided to taste the English Breakfast at Mt Stuart, one of the finest Weatherspoon’s you’ll see this side of Wales. With an outdoor area and spiralling staircase, you can see why it’s popular with locals. The food is always delicious and the English Breakfast they serve is no exception.

I’ve always considered the English Breakfast to be a very well balanced meal, containing protein, carbohydrates, fibre, some vegetables and of course the naughty treat or two (that being the fried egg and hash browns). I opted for the traditional while my partner decided to indulge in the large traditional which has a double of everything including a mushroom (he gave me the mushroom though). Another treat I decided to splurge on with this meal was some fresh orange juice. I don’t tend to drink orange juice due to the fact that is stains your teeth, but since this was a special treat who cares, my teeth won’t get stained after one drink will they.

Safe to say this one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in a while, filling and satisfying. My favourite part has to be the beans. I do like my beans, very good for you and full of fibre. I didn’t touch my tomato as I do not like the texture.

The meal itself deserves a 10/10. It’s not often I get to treat myself to such a lovely meal so it will always get full marks.












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