My Valentine Wishlist

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Valentine is just around the corner (14 days you guys!!) and I hope you and your loved one (whether it being a partner or a friend) spend a lovely day together. My Valentine plans include going shopping with my friend Katrin and spending the evening with Dan and an Indian takeaway (how perfect does that sound). Do I expect a gift? Well I do not need to expect, I know Dan will spoil me rotten, but when I was a single pringle I had to spoil myself, and there is nothing wrong in spoiling yourself! This post is the wishlist I would have if I was spending Valentine on my lonesome, so let’s crack on!

‘Listen to your Senpai’ Hoodie
The first product on my wishlist is this gorgeous hoodie from the Etsy store gesshokudesigns. You have your own choice of colour so each hoodie is custom made for you. The colours you can choose from are;

  • Black
  • Purple
  • Light blue
  • Grey

It’s a unisex product so anyone can wear it. The hoodie will be printed as soon as your order takes place and it’ll take 3-5 printing days before it’s shipped out to you. The cost of the product is £26.41 + GBP
Link to product: Listen to your Senpai Jacket
Link to store: gessohokudesigns


T.U.K. Kawaii Up Your Alley Cat Flat
How adorable are these shoes?! And such a beautiful colour. Based on the reviews on the website the quality of the shoes are very good! And everyone seems very happy with them (which is always a plus). The only downside is that they only have them in size 5 or 10. BOO! I’m pretty sure due to their popularity they will come back in store (hopefully in a size 6!). The shoes cost £39.00.
Link to product: Up Your Alley Cat Flat
Link to store: Modcloth

Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 13.46.33

The Legend Dairy Milk
Pink is slowly becoming my favourite colour and my wardrobe is mostly green, blue and black. It lacks the baby pink it so desperately needs and also, I do need a new bag and this bag is perfect. It’s an original Dollskill design and comes in different colours too. If baby pink isn’t your style you can also have it in the below colours too;

  • Baby Pink
  • Almond
  • Lavender (this being my second favourite colour for this particular item)

It has an easy accessible magnet closure with a shoulder strap. It also has an expiration date so if you really want it get it before they run out! The bag costs $39.00.
Link to Product: The Legend Dairy Milk
Link to store: Dollskill
Update: This product may have gone since I wrote this post. My apologise!

Screen shot 2015-01-22 at 21.30.39

Perspex Sailor Moon Necklace
I’m a massive Sailor Moon fan (Sailor Moon Haul post coming soon) and the Kawaii necklace will find a safe haven among my little collection. Again, this is another Etsy find and comes in either pastel pink or black. This handmade pendant is nickle and lead free and you can request how long you would like the chain length and whether you want bronze, silver or black colour chain. The necklace costs £8.12 and ships worldwide.
Link to product: Perspex Sailor Moon Necklace
Link to store: KitschBitchJewellry

Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 13.47.04

Baccarat Lucky Cat
I’ve always wanted to own a glass figurine and this one is perfect. Not only is it absolutely adorable but it also represents my love for the Japanese Culture. I would love to buy this for my friend Jenni who has a lucky cat collection. It would also find a nice place next to my own Lucky Cat. The glass figurine £200.
Link to product: Baccarat Lucky Cat
Link to store: Baccarat

Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 13.47.27

The Simpsons Oval Ceramic Mug
What a awesome little cup! Another awesome Dollskill find which has the image of Bart Simpson saying is famous slogan “Don’t have a cow Man!” What I really like about this mug is that is has a thick handle so there is no excuse for spillages or mishaps. It was also go nicely with another Simpsons product that I’ve bought (which I shall post very very soon).The cup comes in one colour. Can you guess what? The oval mug costs $19.00.

Link to product: The Simpsons Oval Ceramic Mug
Linkto store: Dollskill

Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 13.47.16

Luna and Artemis Pair Mug Cup
It’s safe to say I’m obsessed with creating a cup collection for myself at the moment. I’ve always had very plain very bland looking cups and I always want my home and lifestyle products (as well as my style) to represent my passions and likes, so I present to you the Luna and Artemis pair mug cup because obviously I do not have enough Sailor Moon products (you’ll understand once the post is up). The product will not be released until April 15th and due to their popularity you should order them now! the mugs cost $38.00
Link to product: Luna and Artemis Pair Mug Cup
Link to store: Jbox

Screen shot 2015-01-22 at 21.31.27

Pokemon Eevee Plushie
Unfortunately when I clicked on this product I couldn’t find the one pictured above. Sorry you guys, however I did find something even better on Amazon! A Pokemon Eeevee Plushie + Pokemon stickers! How awesome is that?! The product itself cost £12.99 and size is 32cm 12′
Link to product: Pokemon Eevee Plushie

Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 13.47.38

Boyfriend Swing Coat
Finally we come to the end of a very long wishlist and I decided to end it with a fashion piece (since this is a fashion and lifestyle blog). Here we have a beautiful and fluffy pink coat from Topshop. Perfect for the season inbetween Winter and Spring, you know when it’s windy but not windy that you require a hood. Even though this is a product from Topshop I found this particular item on a bloggers site entitled

Link to store: Topshop

Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 13.47.49


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