“Insert inspirational Ivor Novello quote here”


Here I am, standing in front of Ivor Novello’s memorial, one of Wales’ greatest playwright’s, taking images of fashion. Would he be offended (I would be). However new images requires new background and Ivor, I hope you do not mind but I chose your memorial statue.

I’m sorry to say this is another Topshop jumper, a very old but a very lovely piece. A tie-dye of white and green, a very dark green too may I add. It’s been in my wardrobe for many years and only comes out during the months of January-April where the whether in Wales is always, ALWAYS wet and miserable, so the jumper season goes on for a bit longer than other countries.

My favourite feature of this jumper are the leather shoulder pads. You may not see it in the image above but below you will see a close up of my leather padded spiked shoulders. They are so cool! I bought this when studs were very much ‘in’ (not that they’ve left but there isn’t as much around). I didn’t roll the shoulders up either. Another edgy styling to it. I’ve noticed in work I’ve started doing this with most of the clothes I rep when I’m outfit building, especially with denim jackets and a white shirts with a collar.






I had a quick look on the Topshop website for other tie-dye products and there is a limited amount of products. I assume there shall be more products arriving in the summer, so until then please enjoy these images.

Links to Store
Topshop: Link Here

In other news….

I shall be doing a lot of jumper articles which I hope to complete mid April at the latest, due to the fact I cannot wait to start taking images of Spring items and outfits, as well as my day-to-day life! I have so many articles and posts and photography images I want to share to the world that it looks like I might have to do a post a day!!


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