Sparkle Sparkle!! Topshop Crop Top.


On Christmas Day I received this lovely little crop top from my mother from Topshop. It’s so sparkly and pretty, and without sounding big headed it flattens my figure and makes me look slim. It looks great in the images too, stands out nicely against the white backdrop. I love the colour green, it’s one of the favourite winter colour. I also received another glittery green product for Christmas but I shall save that for another day.

The only time I would wear this little gem is during Christmas. It’s not a summers top and it’s too dark to wear in spring. Spring/Summer is when you don the neon and pastel green, not dark green (unless you’re going out for dinner or a night out.


I would team the top with some black leggings or some high waisted black jeans. I also love the funnel neckline on the top too. It reminds me of a pollo neck style. Team it with a gold thin necklace. A chunky necklace would distract from the actual top and you do not want that.




More Topshop Crop Top


Knitted Polo Crop Top – How adorable is this Crop Top?! I love the collar, quite boyish and stylish. Perfect for the style I’m trying to emulate this year. I love the khaki colour which always comes back in season during the January and February months. I would team this again with some black skinny jeans and black boots or some or some khaki coloured sneakers.


Lurex Crop Top – The sister crop top to my crop top above. Same style, sparkly with a funnel neck only with a beautiful mulberry colour. Perfect for those few days before Winter. Topshop website has paired this top with a lovely short leather skirt which looks perfect and for my feet I personally would put on some black pumps. A long black coat would also look nice with it too.


Textured Crop Top – The perfect Winter crop top! I mean, look at it! Perfect with some ripped jeans and some white trainers. Topshop has teamed it up with some beautiful mulberry trousers and ankle boots. I absolutely love it. I love the long sleeves on it. Warm and yet stylish.


Window Pane Check Funnel – I have seen this in my local Topshop and I’ve always been drawn to it as well as the coat which has the same style. A lovely cream colour and very simple. Of course you have to team it with some simple clothing such as a black coat and some simple trousers. Nothing with pattern

Link to Topshop: Topshop



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