I’m lucky that my job allows me to have the weekend off. I work monday to friday everyday which gives me the weekend to have a little adventure, eat some nice food and take some outfit photography for this blog. Last sunday Dan and I decided to spend the day in Penarth. It’s a lovely little seaside resort selling old fashion sweets and some lovely little seaside trinkets. We spent most of the day strolling hand in hand taking in the scenery and the lovely sea air.

After spending an hour or two around the seaside we decided to drive the car a little further around and have a little stroll around Penarth lake, home to the usual British wildlife.

I decided to dress appropriately for the weather by donning my topshop coat and a lovely little jumper all the way from a little shop in Bath. The top is from Purplish London.
Link to Jumpers: Purplish London Jumpers




Such a comfortable outfit, prefect for these beautiful winter strolls. The pattern is gorgeous (as you can see).
Whilst in Penarth I purchased some very cute soaps designed to look like lollipops and sweets (Review coming soon).




This is probably my favourite scarf I own. Pink leopard print, long enough to wrap around yourself twice. I purchased this scarf from New Look years ago but obviously they offer some nice recent accessories for these cold weather.
Link to New Look: New Look
Link to New Look Scarves: New Look Accessories












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