Outfit Post #1: January


So, being a fashion and lifestyle blogger it’s probably time for me to start posting an outfit post which is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. However this is such a leap for me, due to the fact that I felt completely self conscious with taking images, especially since their images of myself and since there are so many beautiful bloggers out there. But, as you can see I bit the bullet and did one anyway. I’ve taken a few images for a few posts (which are coming up), and even though I’ve lost a lot of weight this past year I still look slightly big (which is a great reason to lose more weight). Maybe these posts will make me feel more comfortable in my own skin. I hope some people can relate. Now, enough dribble let’s get on with the post…

The Location
These images were taken in Cardiff Bay, my current home. The Millennium Centre contains the sweetest little cafe in the Bay. The perfect setting for these images. January in Britain is probably the coldest month of the year so I was desperate to take these images indoors. But as you scroll down this post I did attempt to take the images outside!! Appreciate them people!! Because it was bloody freezing!!

The Outfit
As soon as I saw these leggings in the Marks and Spencer I couldn’t stop thinking about them! I try to do my best not to buy my clothes on impulse, just in case I don’t end up wearing them, so I do the ‘3 day’ test: If I’m still thinking about a piece of clothing, or product of any kind after three days, I will buy it. Three days passed and these gorgeous blue leggings never left the fashion section of my brain. I had to buy them! And a size 10! Amazing! Size 12 looked wrinkled which is one of my pet peeves when it comes to leggings. Luckily size 10 looked wrinkle-free (well, almost).
The next quest: finding the perfect top. I decided to stick with Marks and Spencer which is slowly becoming my fashion haven, especially the Limited Collection. Lo and behold, on the Limited Collection sale rack I found the above top. Boasting with rich colours, none of which clashed with the colours of my blue leggings and fitting perfectly. The best part; £45.50 down to £25. Absolute bargain!
My lovely little clutch bag was a purchase from British high street store Dorothy Perkins. Black with gold writing, maybe not the best accessory to go with my Marks and Spencer outfit however I love it so much! It is a more of a ‘painting the town red’ clutch bag rather than a ‘let’s get some Diet Coke down the local cafe’ clutch bag but since I do not go out drinking I have to find new places to show it off.
My kawaii pink bunny phone case was a find on Ebay. It also comes with a little bunny tail. I have three cases at the moment so I usually change my case from this to my kawaii cupcake case (post coming soon) and my Yu Gi Oh Abridged custom phone case which was a gift from Dan. Since I was having a girly day out, I opted for the bunny case.








Outfit List

Links: Leggings: Marks and Spencer Limited
Top: Marks and Spencer Limited
Lipstick: Autograph by Marks and Spencer
Bunny Case: Ebay
Clutch Bag: Dorothy Perkins

I hope you all enjoyed my first outfit post. Plenty more coming soon!!



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