Review: The Greedy Book

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My birthday is two months away and as per usual my family and close friends are finding it difficult to buy for me and are pestering me to create an online wishlist just like they did christmas time. However I had created a wishlist on Amazon but for some unfortunate reason they couldn’t find it. At all. Even though it’s public. Even I couldn’t find it. I began to search Google for the perfect wishlist website, and as fate had it, I found it! It’s called My Greedy Book.

What is Greedy Book?
Greedy Book summarises itself as “We are the home of lovely and brilliantly original inspiration”. They have pieces that they personally like so you can browse and add to your book (I’ll touch upon this later). You can also add your own personal choices but installing a Greedy Book button onto your computer sidebar (similar to that of Amazon).

The Books
I think I can safely say this has to be my favourite feature on this website. You can break your wishlists into sub categories such as Fashion and Beauty, Lifestyle and Interior. For my page I have chosen to name my wishlists;

  • My Fashion Book
  • MY Lifestyle Book (Make up and beauty products, as well as home buys)
  • My Interior Book
  • My Kawaii Book (Japanese and Korean brands. Specifically fashion, cosmetics and interior etc)
  • My Otaku Book ( anything manga or anime related such as figurines)

When adding a product into your book (from their website) it simply opens asks you which book to place it in.

When adding from outside The Greedy Book website (I shall use Topshop as an example) you pick your item and press on The Greedy Book button. The price of the item underneath it’s name as well as description. Personally, I shall use the description box to add sizing.

Profile Settings
You can choose whether to make your books public or private. Personally I’m going to do a few books private, especially if I want to create wishlists for my friends and family to get ideas for their birthdays! I really do like this website even though I haven’t begun using it religiously yet. It’ll definitely come in handy once I get into the swing of starting my wishlist posts. It’s a cute website and a great idea, it’s a lot easier to find users too unlike Amazon so no complaints from the parents this year.



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