Sincerely Miss Dolly Cosmetics

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while but after experiencing some setbacks in the blogging world I never got round to it… until now of course! This article will be dedicated to the independent Cosmetics Company Sincerely Miss Dolly who kindly sent me a sample pack of their cosmetic products for me to photograph and review, and since there is no time like the present I shall jump straight in!



The samples were presented in a small cardboard box delivered to my home address. I didn’t know what to expect when I opened it but I was pleasantly surprised to find 3 cosmetic samples surrounded with black paper. Simple, yet effective. I for one liked the presentation in terms of it’s purpose, which was to send me samples to review. If you take that term into consideration then it’s presented nicely. Of course if you were to purchase their cosmetic products as a gift you would receive a beautiful vintage style box ( Check out their Instagram for other products: @sincerelymissdolly).


Accompanying these cosmetic products was also a lovely little letter which read;

“Dear Rhian…
We love the photographs you capture on your blog and would love if you could take the time to review some of our products. I am sorry to recently see on your page (my old blog fashionphotoandfilm) that you are taking the time out from writing. What a lot of companies do not understand is that there is so much talent still out there to be found. Without giving smaller bloggers opportunity to write and share their talent, the blogger community will not be able to grow.
Please do not let companies deter you from sharing your passions and talent with an audience as this would be a great disappointment…”

I would be lying if I said this didn’t bring a tear to my eye. This letter is the reason I created this new blog, it’s the reason why I will never give up on my blogging dream and I shall treasure it always! I don’t think I’ve ever received a letter so sweet.

The products

As I’ve already mentioned Sincerely, Miss Dolly sent me three products, they were;


Strawberry Lip Balm which contains added shea butter. With a strong aroma of strawberry this little beauty is now one of my handbag essentials. It kept my lips feeling smooth and soft and also gave them a subtle sheen too. What I also love about this particular product is that it’ll last you months, well, six months to be exact. Ingredients include Prunus Dulcis, Butyrospermum Parkii, Elaesis Guineensis, Cera Alba, Theobroma Cacao and Cocos Nucifera. I would also like to add that this product as well as the other two products were not tested on animals and are Vegan friendly, are Paraben and SLS free.



Our second product is the Lime and Coconut Solid Sugar Scrub which is Fairtrade.


Such a visually pleasing product. The green blends in so nicely with the cream/white colour on the bottom, as a photographer, I had a whale of a time taking images of this sugar scrub! It smells divine too, the aroma emitting from the scrub is not overpowering in the slightest and leaves your skin with a beautiful smell after a soak. It also leaves your skin feeling soft which I believe is due to the Cocoa Butter.


And here it comes, the third and final product: Green Shampoo Bar!


How to use: You apply to the lower half of your damp hair to create lather which you then run through your roots. For this product I shall list the pros in bullet form and expand.


  • Smells divine – Again everything I’ve received from this package has smelt beautifully so I wasn’t expecting anything less in terms of aroma.
  • Suitable for all skin types – If you have sensitive skin then you needn’t worry. You will not suffer a weird reaction from this little product.
  • Great for Travel – It’s pocket sized which means it won’t take much room in your toiletries bag when travelling.
  • Hair feels soft and shiny – The day after I used the Shampoo Bar I met my mother for lunch, one of the first things she said was how shiny my hair looked! My hair felt so soft afterwards I couldn’t stop playing with it.

Before I give my final word on my little cosmetic package I asked the creator and owner of Sincerely Miss Dolly about the companies background and her personal favourite product.

Where did the idea for the company begin and why?
Sincerely, Miss Dolly was born from my love of beauty and all things vintage. Inspired by the timeless glamour the 1950’s, I wanted to bring that glamour to our bath and beauty regime. Anyone can be Miss Dolly. She could be your great aunt or even your little sister. If you have a love of vintage inspired products, love to treat yourself all whilst looking glamorous, we can bring out the Miss Dolly in you.

What are your ethics?
All ingredients we use are sourced in Britain. We believe in supporting British suppliers whilst offering our customers the best quality. Our products are nasties free, as we don’t see the need for parabens, sls or unnecessary filler ingredients. All our products are suitable for vegans as we believe everyone needs the chance to be Miss Dolly. Our products are for people not animals, so we do not test on animals and make sure our suppliers do not either.

What direction do you see the business taking in a year?
We hope to venture into offering a wider beauty range also inspired by the 1950’s. There may also be a cheeky store near you soon! ( I squealed slightly at the last sentence).

What is your personal favourite cosmetic product from your range?
My favourite product would be the shampoo bar. Perfect for travel and stops me overloading my hair with product. The added coconut oil does my dry ends wonders!


In conclusion, these products were a delight! I see them as the perfect cosmetic travel companion and are  a perfect gift idea for the vintage lover. Please follow this company on their Instagram. Browse and purchase a lovely gift or two while your at it: @sincerelymissdolly

I hope you enjoyed my article xx



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