Merry Christmas!!

Well hello there dear readers and a Merry Christmas to you all. This shall be a quick brief imagery post on my Christmas and what I got up to from food to gifts.

It’s safe to say I was spoilt this year by not just my parents but also by my friends and Dan too ( I assume I’ve been spoilt, it’s nearly two o’ clock and I haven’t opened anything yet). So enough writing, let’s begin!

Christmas Eve food treats
Since it’s Christmas I’ve decided to put the diet on hiatus and enjoy myself, and my sweet tooth is most certainly enjoying itself. I’ve been munching away on mini carrots cakes from Marks and Spencer’s to beautiful mouth watering doughnuts from Cardiff high street, safe to say I cannot wait to go back on the diet.



Stocking gifts


Our family tradition is to open our stockings first, however this year I decided to make my parents a hamper instead of a stocking. As you can see my stocking was filled to the brim with lovely little goodies!

• Manga coloured pens – next year one of my New Year Resolutions is to learn to draw manga,so my mother bought me some 6 PITT artist pen manga shojo set!


• Bare Minerals – I wasn’t expecting any make up this Christmas so I was pleasantly surprised to receive some Bare Minerals lipgloss and mascara! (Review coming soon).

• Handmade Jewellry – My mother is friendly with some very talented people and she managed to convince her friend to create me some handmade jewellry made entirely of silver.



• Pedometer – I go to the gym at least 4/5 times a week so my parents decided to buy me a pedometer which counts calories, measures steps and distance and helps to improve my performance.

• Handbag Cosmetics – I received some special tissues and some wipes for my hands, all of which fit well in my bag.


• Chocolates and sweets – I also received some After Eights and Jelly Tots which I receive every year and I enjoy every year.


Shop Jeen
Shop Jeen is the only online store that I buy from because it fills my anime apparel fix (and still to this day, my parents still do not quite understand what I like fashion wise) so I decided totreat myself to some Sailor Moon Harajuku underwear from Shop Jeen which comes in one size and an Artemis Blanket which is adorable and so snug! Shop Jeen is well worth the money and I’ve never had a problem with them before in terms of delivery.
Link to website:



I also received gifts from American Apparel, Purplish London, Marks and Spencers, Urban Outfitters and Topshop but they deserve their own posts with proper images, taken with a professional camera.

How pretty is this!? This is a cover for a drawing book with fine paper so I can hold all my drawings for when I start learning!
I do love the fact my parents are encouraging me to learn how to draw manga, speaks volumes in my book.


Guilty Pleasure Gift
I ADORE jigsaws! They’re the only thing in this entire world that completely relax me. When I do a jigsaw, any stress or negative thought leaves my mind and I’m focused on completing the task ahead. Thomas Kinkade creates the most beautiful artwork around so having his work in form of a jigsaw is lovely. We started one of the jigsaws while waiting for Dan. We decided to begin ‘Village Christmas’.


Gifts from Dan
This is the first Christmas I’ve ever spent with a significant other so I was very very excited and, as predicted I was spoilt rotten. I received two figurines from Forbidden Planet: one Sailor Moon and a Bender figurine. I got a new puzzle too called ‘Enchanted Forest’. It’s a puzzle of a garden which is great since I’m a floral photographer by trade. I was also given a Zen diffuser with Lavender and Orange scent. I also got a beautiful bed cover from Ikea and some Lush Cosmetics which I shall review soon. Thank you Dan


Gifts from Jenni
For those of you who do not know, I’m planning on travelling to Japan for a month in 2016 and if you’re a close friend of mine you would know (since I don’t shut up about it) so she bought me ‘A diary for Tokyo’ so I can write about my day as well as ‘A Geek in Japan’, which shall give me a brief insight on what to expect on my travels. Thank you Jenni


Gifts from Zoe
At work, Zoe came up to me with a massive grin ‘I have the perfect gift for you, you’ll love it” and as always, she was right! She bought me a gorgeous canvas with a Carrot Cake recipe on it! I cannot wait to try it out! But she didn’t stop there! I also received some Lindt and Toblerone chocolate, I also got some Flaming Sambuca Chocolate Liqueur. Thank you Zoe



Gifts from Miss Manager
I wasn’t kidding in my Christmas Meal post when I stated that I have the best Manager ever! Jade had the fortune (or misfortune) to receive me as a Secret Santa. She went all out and got me a Carrot Cake (which I devoured after 2 days) some Lush bath bombs (planning a Lush Cosmetics haul post soon) and some Baileys Hot Chocolate. Thank you Miss Manager


Safe to say I’ve been spoilt this Christmas, but spending time with my Parents and Dan has been fantastic! Safe to say one of the nicest Christmas ever!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! Xoxo


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