Pettigrew’s Tea Room



Last week I decided to treat myself to a lovely lunch at my favourite tea haunt in the Cardiff Area: Pettigrew’s Tea Room. Situated at the edge of the park, this quaint little tea is very popular among locals, so much so that on the weekends you need to reserve a table in order to eat, and Christmas time you need to reserve a table during the week. I was lucky to arrive at the right time. The inside of Pettigrew’s Tea Room was dressed beautifully in Christmas decoration as well retro style china and old timey objects and trinkets such as old fashioned typewriters.


Pettigrew’s Tea Room provides a range of teas to suit every need, from your Traditional English Breakfast to Fruit Teas, Pettigrew’s Tea Room will have it. I’m not a big tea drinker but I do tend to treat myself to a fruit teahere and there so I opted for the Wild Berries tea which consists of bilberries, elderberries, raspberries and blackberries, which produced a beautiful pink colour with a refreshing taste. You are provided with a tea strainer and you’re told to let it brew for a minute or two before pouring.

_MG_5547 _MG_5568

Main Course
For my main meal I decided to play it safe and order my favourite: Farmer’s


The Farmer’s Ploughman’s consists of fresh salad, homemade coleslaw, a trio of welsh cheese, chutney, granary bread and butter, served with your choice of carved welsh ham or beef. I opted for the ham.


The Meal
The meal itself is absolutely delicious! I never get tired of it! Pettigrew’s Tea Room has their own homemade cheese, each with different strength and taste. None of the cheeses are too strong so their perfect! The vegetables are delicious and refreshing, it’s not often I eat beetroot so I consider this a little treat.
Sometimes coleslaw can have too much mayonnaise but this has the right amount of mayonnaise, not too much that it overpowers the rest of it and finally, I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never had chutney before this meal and I refuse to have it anywhere else, I believe chutney from other tea rooms will just disappoint, and thus a full 10/10 for the main meal.


The Desserts
As filling as the main course was I did feel that I had some room for dessert…or two. They had two new cakes especially for Christmas; the mincemeat cake and, of course, the traditional Christmas Cake. I opted for the Mincemeat Cake.


Mincemeat Cake
I’d never tried Mincemeat cake until now (I naturally assumed I wouldn’t like it) and all I can say is this… I’ve wasted so many mincemeat days! Such a beautiful, beautiful cake! Not too dry not too soft, the cream on the top was absolutely exquisite! Mouth watering to say the least! 12/10!!!


Carrot Cake
Just like the Farmer’s Ploughman’s I played it safe and had a Carrot Cake, and let me tell you, Pettigrew’s Tea Rooms does THE best carrot cake in Cardiff! Moist but not too moist filled with a beautiful orange twang and the cream cheese is so sweet and mouth watering. 10/10!!



I’ll definitely will try something different the next time I go to! And I’m already planning my birthday there which I cannot wait!! Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you enjoyed my post and tomorrow is filled with joy xoxo


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