The Weekend through images

I had the weekend off from work which can only mean one thing: Cheat Day!! My favourite days of the week!


This weekend began on Saturday with the parents coming down, as per usual ( I do often share my cheat day experiences with someone). It was a special start to the weekend as it was their first time meeting my partner Dan for the first time. Slightly nervous, but also exciting as I knew they would love him (spoiler: I was right!).

Mt Fuji
Mt Fuji is one of my favourite Japanese Restaurants in Cardiff and it’s situated next to Yo Sushi and Bellini’s. It contains 10 tables maximum and is always busy. Unlike Yo Sushi everything is made fresh and the food isn’t left to cool either, you eat it warm. I’ll be honest with you, since dining in Mt Fuji I have never returned to Yo Sushi.
Usually I tend to stick with my usual and have the Chicken Katsu Curry with Udon noodles which is always glorious, however this time round I decided to branch my taste buds and attempt the Chicken Teriyaki with rice.


Presentation: 10/10 – simple yet tidy, even though I’m not the least bit fussy about presentation it is always nice when food is well presented on your plate.
The meal: 9/10 – the meal was delicious and filling however it wasn’t as warm as I would hoped. But as I’ve stated the food was glorious and the temperature did not ruin the perfectly good meal.


For dessert I chose Green Tea ice cream, now I’m not a big fan of tea to begin with but if you don’t try you never know.


Dessert: 8/10 – At first I did not like the taste. At all. But, after a while I got used it. I’m glad I tried it but I doubt I’ll have it again.
My mother on the other hand had a beautiful dessert which is what I’m planning to have next time. Chocolate Mousse on top of chocolate biscuit with cream and strawberry sauce. She said it was absolutely delicious. I shall definitely have it next time.



Patisserie Valerie
We then headed to Patisserie Valerie, my mothers favourite Patisserie haunt. I decided to skip out on these mouth watering cakes due to the fact that I am watching my figure, however if I didn’t take images, it never happened.





Millenium Centre
Of course my weekend binge
went through to Sunday where myself and Dan found ourselves dining in the Millenium Centre situated in Cardiff Bay. I offered (or ordered, depending on who says the story) Dan to have a Bailey’s Hot Chocolate.



For lunch we decided on tapas. I stuck with favourite which is pitta bread and homous, tomato meatballs and frittata. We also decided to make even bigger pigs of ourselves and have the cheesy nachos with chilli corn carne and guacamole.


Presentation: 10/10 – Simple, yet well done. Nothing over the top about the presentation and the nachos looked scrumptious.
The meal: 9/10 – If I’m honest I wasn’t fussed on the frittata. I think once you’ve had one in Spain they won’t live up to your expectations anywhere else. We just managed to finish, it was a big meal, too big for two.



And finally, my old favourite: The Carrot Cake, with chocolate ice cream on the side. Always tasty, never a let down.



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  1. I love your blog, your posts are beautiful! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤


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