Christmas Party


On Sunday 7th December, the Catering Branch held our Christmas Party and, as much as it pains me, it was my last do’ with my catering colleagues due to the fact I’m moving to merchandising on the 15th. This post shall contain a little message for some of the individuals I work with. The image quality is awful and I cannot apologise enough for it, however, I only decide to do this today since I shall not be having a leaving do’.
The leaving do included a three course meal and a raffle.

For starters I had the rice and spinach risotto balls which were glorious! They were quite dry inside like falafel but incredibly delicious. The sauce on the side added a little kick to it.
Marks out of 10: 10/10


For my main I chose the duck with new potato and peas. The duck was glazed with some cherry sauce which was too sweet for me. The food was cooked well but everything was a bit too sweet for me. The peas were soft and delicious however some of the potatoes were quite hard which is off putting for everybody, but that’s no ones fault.
Marks out of ten: 7/10


By dessert I was enjoying the party too much that I forgot all about taking an image of my dessert (too busy taking images with friends) but I can safely tell you it was glorious!
Marks out of 10: 10/10

Overall the meal was well worth the money, it’s such a shame that it turns out I do not like Cherry Sauce. Now onto the main bit; My Messages;-

Our time was short but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your company. I wish you the very best with your career goals and hopefully we can have a meal together at some point.

You’re such a sweet person and I shall miss you terribly.

For the little time I’ve known you you’ve been incredibly sweet. You’ve fitted in so well with us and I shall miss you.

I do not need to wish you luck with your future. I think we all know how bright your future shall be. Remember me when your a famous.


Sam & Amy
You guys are so sweet and kind and patient. You both deserve the best and hopefully we’ll keep in touch.

The sweetheart of Place to Eat! Whenever I work with you the day is a 100% better. Even when we’re rushed off our feet, you always have a smile on your face! I will miss you!

Who will I talk about TV shows with now?! Seriously who!? You’re a nice guy Simon and you’re always kind to everyone. You deserved the ‘Partner of the Month’ title!

If you don’t start a food blog soon I shall give you a stern look and wiggle my finger at you. You’re a fabulous patisserie cook and it bothers me that your talents are going to waste. Next year your goal is to be become a professional foodie. I shall miss you very much

Mr Markham
Please look after Eleri and Gwennan for me. We will attend BnG one day, I promise!


You are one of the most hardworking people at work and I hope you know that we have all noticed and realised that. Just keep doing what you’re doing and you will get the recognition you deserve!


I do believe you should start a career within film because that is where your passion lies and do not let it go to waste! I will miss you terribly but I shall keep in touch!!

I consider you one of my closest friends in Place to Eat and possibly one of the nicest girls there. I feel honoured that you confined in me whenever you require advice on anything and I hope you know that even though I will not be there anymore I’m still here for you whenever you need a chat.


You have been the best manager I’ve ever had! They are lucky to have you! I hope the Jaffa Cakes went down a treat!

You New Year Resolution: Release a Patisserie Recipe Book with me as the
photographer (obviously). One of the nicest chefs around! I will miss your cheery hello in the morning!



You completely deserved the ‘Partner of the Month’ title. You work incredibly hard and you manage to get everything done with no complaints. Good luck with motherhood and remember: Baby Shower! You need to do it!


You are the last one from our little group!! Rosie went to tesco, George went to University, I’m off and now it’s just you. Make us proud Jess and I will miss you very very much!

Thank you for looking after me when they put me on your rota, teaching what needs to be done. You are a very nice boy Chris and I hope you enjoy yourself in Australia


Regardless of the result at the party, I can definitely beat you at arm wrestling, my arm was just tired that night…

The sweetest person I have ever met!! Everyday you ask me how my day went and even when I’ve done nothing your still interested! I have loved working with you!! You brighten up anyone’s day and you work so hard! I will miss you tonnes!


I’ve known you briefly but again, like Jade you’re a great manager. You both work well together and thank you for your concern when I was feeling down. Wishing you best of luck in the future.

Thank you very much for my gift all the way from Tokyo (article coming soon) it has spurred me to save for my Tokyo trip! Wishing you all the luck in the world!

Where to even begin, I wish I had got to know you sooner. I don’t remember when we became good friends but once I found out our mutual adoration of LittleKuriboh that was it, I had found yet another close friend. You’ve been so supportive of my blogging especially when I felt so down about it. Thank you for introducing me to D&D and thank you for being my good friend. Please please please keep in touch!!



Zoe & Mich
You guys have been my rock! If it wasn’t for you this blog wouldn’t exist, if it wasn’t for you (and Jade, and Cheryl, and Beth) I wouldn’t have applied for this role and if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have met Dan. I owe you two a lot and I hope you realise
how important you are to me! Words cannot express enough how much I’m going to miss working with you! Please keep me in the loop and Zoe you better have a housewarming!!




If I’ve missed anyone out my apologise! You will probably appear in the next post once I get sent the images.
Thank you for the two years of fun!!
I will miss you all!


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