My Week through Vsco #1

My first ever post on my new blog, how exciting!! Let’s start with some introductions shall we?

My name is Rhian: Photographer with seven years experience and a fashion, lifestyle and manga blogger. I used to blog under the name fashionphotoandfilm (previous blog, however I abandoned the blog, or took a hiatus so to speak due to incredibly rude comments by Romwe.
But alas, a company will not stop me from sharing my story and journey with you my dear dear readers.
I was lucky enough to get this week off from work and boy, what a week I’ve had!

Saturday I attended my first ever Comic Con and I can safely say it will not be my last. I’ve never felt more safe or more relaxed in my life. Everyone was incredibly friendly, polite and happy to help. Bought one or two products which I shall blog another time.

I’ll be completely honest I spent most of my week eating. On the Sunday my partner took me to Ed’s Diner in the Bay. We ordered BBQ Chicken, cheesy chips and breaded mushrooms. On the Monday I gorged on some Japanese cuisine in Mt Fuji. Tuesday I went to a little tea room in the outskirts of Bute Park in Cardiff and feasted on Farmer’s Ploughman’s and Carrot Cake.

I won’t bore you with my ramblings, here are some mobile photography of my week and I hope you tune in soon for my next article.
















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